Att: Local Business Owners looking to make more profits

The way you grow your business and engage with your customers will never be the same again

Get 98% of your messages opened and read within 3 minutes using advanced 2-way chat bot technology for a few cents per customer!

As a local business owner, building your customer list and growing your business is a challenge and can become very expensive once you start to look at various promotional activities

Ads are hit and miss, and coupon sites can provide new customers but take a massive chunk of the profits

Email marketing is still the most popular communication channel with a staggering 2.4 million emails sent worldwide per second!

With that said...

It’s no wonder it’s getting harder and harder to get your email messages delivered

Major ISPs like Google and Yahoo are at breaking point trying to combat spam and they are making it more and more difficult to get emails past their complex spam filters

As digital marketers we looked at this issue back in 2019 and tested various platforms to add to our email platform and we quickly discovered the platform that beat every other hands down were SMS text messages

We have developed several bespoke services to provide Rewards clubs, text enable landlines and online ordering for local restaurants and our latest service combines all of our SMS digital marketing automation in 1 easy to use service designed for anyone to use regardless of knowledge or experience

The service  is designed for marketers to access to provide professional services to local business owners but equally, local business owners can access the service directly and set up their own campaigns and save a fortune on fees

As a local business owner, you need to add new customers and also keep your existing customers happy and motivated to ensure they continue to use your service

Most business owners focus most if not all of the efforts and marketing budget on finding new customers, whilst this can work, getting your existing customers to use your services more often provides a much better net reward


Our latest service, SMSBotsify,  is a complete digital marketing system for local business businesses

Generate new customer enquiries and add to a phone book contact list and simply send exclusive offers and updates in a matter of minutes each day

Create an exclusive branded rewards club that gets more of your customers to visit more often and spend more with you rather than your competitors

Use done for you posters and flyer templates to get your current customers to join your club

Create an automated chat bot to convert new enquires and add to your rewards phone book contacts

Build engagement and answer any questions in real time using our in-built live chat feature

Create a weekly or monthly autoresponder message that sends details of your latest offers on complete autopilot and watch your orders skyrocket

It’s a simple process used by the big brands because it works

We all like a deal

It’s a win win situation

You only ever spend some of the profit of your product or service providing an exclusive offer

Forget about hope and pray ads that may or may not work

Its painting by numbers easy to use the service

You get  comprehensive resources that include posters, templates and social media banners and covers, simply add your logo and contact details and you are good to go

Create automated 2-way chat bots to convert cold enquires to hot leads and customers

Simply take 5 minutes each week to send an exclusive offer to your VIP members and watch the bookings flood in

To see a demo of the system in action click the link

This service is mostly used by marketing agencies to provide done for you services to local businesses, if you want to save a fortune and get started for a fraction of the cost don’t miss this opportunity to create your very own salon digital marketing program

Once you confirm your purchase you will be directed to an offer to use the service with unlimited clients, you don’t need this because the advanced license you have includes up to 5 clients’ accounts so you could have up to 5 branches on 1 license

You will see some more upsell offers which are more relevant to agencies, but the last offer is well worth picking up and that’s $100 in free SMS credits for $17