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cPanel Hosting is great choice to get started online and provides the most cost-effective solution to host multiple websites and blogs

Typically, shared hosting provides each customer with a share of the resources of a server but this can cause services to run slow during busy times or if other customers sharing the server have increased traffic

We do things Differently to most other hosting companies...

Each Customer is allocated specific resources not a share of the server resources, so the service never runs slower during peak times

We provide a range of plans with generous resources and many advanced features included as standard; discover how we make a massive difference compared to other shared hosting services without breaking the bank and for a limited time...

We are including our comprehensive SMS Marketing platform for FREE!

We provide GUARANTEED generous resources for each plan and include the world’s leading admin panel, cPanel with many advanced features, Enterprise level security using Imunify360 and optimised servers using lite-speed technology for blazing fast performance.

Our services provide total flexibility to upgrade or downgrade to suit your requirements and our legendary support is on hand to help with any issue big or small

Easy 1 click WordPress installs

Industry leading cPanel

Website Builder

Business email included

Daily backups by Jet pack

Track Your Traffic

Enhanced Security

Resources Grow with you

Free SSL for all domains 

Worlds No 1 Admin Panel

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools to simplify website and server management. It offers a range of features and benefits that are advantageous for website owners, administrators, developers

Blazing Fast Site Speeds

LiteSpeed Cache works by storing static copies of dynamic web pages in memory or on disk, reducing the need for the server to generate those pages repeatedly for each user request. This reduces the server load and improves page load times by up to 4 times

Enterprise Grade Security

Imunify360 employs advanced malware scanning techniques to detect and remove malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, and backdoors, from your server. It continuously monitors the server file system for any signs of compromise.

Powerful Content Delivery

Jetpack includes a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) that helps speed up the delivery of images and static files, reducing load times for visitors. It also offers lazy loading of images, which means images are only loaded when they come into view

Faster than the Competition - You can Check Below

Site load speeds are critical because if your site takes too long to load, your visitors will simply move on the next result.

Here is snapshot of the site you are browsing right now and you will see the maximum recommended times below are all well within the limits making it an outstanding service

Don’t take our word for it, click the image to use the free tool to check our site load speeds and any of our competitors and you will be pleasantly surprised with the high levels of our overall performance stats (and maybe surprised at some of the others)

Decided to go for the combined package because the cost is only a couple of pounds more than the SMTP Only plan, Set up was instant and I got access to my cPanel, connected the SMTP server to my autoresponder which took a couple of minutes and ready to go, the warm up plan that is also included was a big help and I am now getting really good delivery and open rates so very impressed

Wanted to post a review of the hosting service, i have the email marketing hosting and autoresponder and the delivery and performance is perfect, before I changed to the hosting I was using the autoresponder and another SMTP server but the delivery is now much better so all in all a great job plus I am paying half of what I was before.

Just signed up to the WordPress ultimate plan and had an issue with using my own domain, I contacted support and they walked me through the process and how to change the name servers, I am not the most technical person but Rob was very patient and got me fixed up so first impressions very good.

Ready to take your Marketing to the next level 

Generate more enquires, leads and sales using 2-way SMS Chat bot technology.

We have created a unique marketing platform that uses SMS text messages to generate new enquires and provide a point of contact, so you never miss a call

The platform is designed for busy local businesses and sole traders who are simply too busy to respond or may have too many incoming telephone calls, so time is an issue.

Why SMS Text Messages

We have created a super powerful SMS Marketing portal that anyone can use regardless of technical knowledge or experience.

Get 98% of all messages opened and read within 3 minutes.

Massively boost conversions and engagement using SMS automation

Build targeted customer lists on complete autopilot, Provide Upsell Offers, Support Services, Reward Clubs, text enable Landlines and much more using our Advanced, SMS 2-way Proprietary Technology

We provide a unique SMS number for each customer to send campaigns  and the platform has been designed to be copy and paste simple so marketers and local businesses at all levels can get great results with no technical knowledge or experience required.

Most businesses are too busy to spend any time on marketing especially online and this can result in missing out on lots of possible new customers and orders.

There is no way any local business or sole trader cannot benefit massively from this service, it takes less than 30 minutes to set things up and once set up, it works in the background generating enquires and confirming leads.

To see the outstanding range of features please click the link below

All Plans Include Premium Features and generous resource allowances as standard

Advanced Features




Imunify 360

1 Click WordPress Installer

Daily Automatic Back ups

Live Malware protection

Lite-speed Web Servers

125 FREE Applications

PHP 5 – 8


FREE Domain (Pre-paid Plan)

Free Lifetime SSLs

UK Based Support

Instant Access

Select you plan below to get started with Instant Access

Advanced cPanel Features

1 Website

1 Sub-Domain

1 email Account

75,000 Files

15 GB Storage

3GB Database

CPU 1 Core


Marketing Automation

1 SMS Number

1 2-way Chat Bot

Unlimited Chat Flows

Unlimited Live chat

Unlimited Keyword Campaigns

Discounted Credits

Campaign Reports

Delivery Reports

Advanced cPanel Features

4 Websites

4 Sub-Domains

4 email Accounts

150,000 Files

30 GB Storage

3GB Database

CPU 2 Core


Marketing Automation

1 SMS Number

1 2-way Chat Bot

Unlimited Chat Flows

Unlimited Live chat

Unlimited Keyword Campaigns

Discounted Credits

Campaign Reports

Delivery Reports

Advanced cPanel Features

10 Websites

10 Sub-Domains

10 email Accounts

300,000 Files

60 GB Storage

3GB Database

CPU 3 Core


Marketing Automation

1 SMS Number

1 2-way Chat Bot

Unlimited Chat Flows

Unlimited Live chat

Unlimited Keyword Campaigns

Discounted Credits

Campaign Reports

Delivery Reports

Advanced cPanel Features

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Unlimited email Accounts

450,000 Files

120 GB Storage

5GB Database

CPU 4 Core


Marketing Automation

1 SMS Number

1 2-way Chat Bot

Unlimited Chat Flows

Unlimited Live chat

Unlimited Keyword Campaigns

Discounted Credits

Campaign Reports

Delivery Reports

Please Note

The SMS Marketing system is not automatically added to the plan, if you wish to use this service, please make sure you add the option under add on services on the next page

What Happens Next

We ask you to provide a domain name to host your account

You can register a new domain which is FREE for the first 12 months and included in the annual cost

Transfer a domain you own which requires a registration payment

Or simply use a domain you own and change the name servers for FREE.  

Once payment is received, we issue instant login access to our host admin area and cPanel so you can get started adding domains and creating WordPress installs

Our support is on hand to help with anything you need, and we provide lots of help tutorials to get you up and running

Don't miss this outstanding opportunity to secure Advanced hosting, premium domain name, business email and outstanding marketing portal for less than £3 per month

Advanced features Included as standard with every plan

Customer Support is our Passion

Service great as usual. I got the solution to my problem and also good info about the support system that I needed

266803 – Julian Webb

The Team with David Henry is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you

600058 – Richard

Super fast support taking great care with accuracy of each of my inquiries and technical issues

857268 – Dahlan Baron

By just keeping things simple as possible Thanks again, I told you I would come back and join your services, and I did, and wont go anywhere else Thanks again buddy. Ricky              

949177 – Ricky Verret

A wonderful response to my query very quick and efficient my problem nicely resolved.

853126 – Debbie Brooks

You always look after me like I'm paying you thousands of dollars when I'm only a small fish in the sea. Thank you for your excellent customer service!

621869 – Robert Billings

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