Powerful Cross Channel Marketing using Email & 2 WAY SMS TEXT MESSAGES 

The more touch points you have with a new enquiry or customer...

The more engagement is generated and this presents more opportunity to convert a lead into a paying customer and it simply does not get any better than using email and SMS text message marketing

Import unlimited Lists with no List Verification required

Create lists, import unlimited subscribers with no list verification, set to single/double opt in and set up redirects to your OTOs in a couple of clicks

List Automation

Automatically move subscribers and customers based on actions

If your prospect joins your buyers list automatically unsubscribe them from the prospects list and add them to the new buyers list to start to receive the new autoresponder sequence

Set up automatic redirects to any page

If you are using single opt in, you can simply automatically direct your subscriber to your OTO page or any page of your choice including direct to affiliate offers. 

Retargeting for improved conversions

Boost conversions with advanced re-engagement

Re-engage with subscribers who didn’t open your email

With our smart technology there is no reason to ever send a 2nd message to anyone who has opened a previous email

Customizable list forms

Customizable list forms compatible with all the major page builder software

You are not limited in designing your own opt in form codes and you can customize as you want, load in your own CSS and JS files to make your forms look amazing

If you use a page builder, simply create your opt in list code in the app and copy and paste into the page builder squeeze page without any further editing requirements

Create great looking campaigns with our drag n drop editor

Create great looking emails and newsletters using our drag n drop html editor.  Create templates to use for future which can automatically include your unsubscribe link, company address and website URL to comply fully with the Can-Spam act

Choose from 30 professional templates

Create eye catching newsletters using a choice of over 30 professionally designed pre-loaded email templates based on themes, seasons and business types for increased conversion

Built in Spam checker

Customizable list forms compatible with all the major page builder software

Before you send your campaign, add the spam checker email to your test list to get a full report and score to ensure your email has the best chance of getting to the inbox

If you do have any issues, you can see from the report what needs to be addressed to ensure all of your emails pass the test

Flexibility is the key to outstanding delivery

Send a few thousand emails for FREE connecting to your existing host SMTP server

Send Unlimited emails per month using our unique SMTP sending service including your own dedicated IP

Connect to a choice of 3rd Party providers

If you currently use a 3rd party provider to send your email campaigns

Connect to a choice of 12 3rd party specialist services using pre-configured templates 

If you can copy and paste, you can connect in a matter of minutes

Detailed reports including analytics and IP locations

Track clicks, opens, unsubscribes and bounce rates

See results in real time and get the top referring ISPs

Share your important data with your team

Provide password protected links to each of your campaigns to enable easy access from anywhere in the world in real time

100% Responsive for Mobile

The app is 100% responsive and can be accessed from any device to send campaigns and check reports.

Seamless SMS Automation

SMS text message marketing has some major advantages compared to email, the biggest being the massive open rates up to 98% withing 3 minutes

Unique platform – Outstanding results - Comprehensive features

Use for your own campaigns

As a business owner or marketer, use for your own marketing campaigns to massively boost conversions, customer engagement and retention

Provide Professional Services

As an agency or local consultant, provide professional marketing services to local businesses with no 3rd party integrations required and If there is an easier way to generate recurring monthly fees, I am yet to see it

Forget about competing with the other consultants selling the same old services!

No need to wait for days, weeks and months to produce results for your clients...

You can deliver a positive ROI in Week 1

This is the sheer power of using cross channel marketing

Comprehensive features simply not found in any other platform or service

Lead Generation - This is where the magic happens!

Using SMS text messages to drive new enquires is ten times more effective than using email alone

Our totally unique system still extracts the name and email from the prospect using our automated chat bot which works like gangbusters as you can see in the examples below

Most people now are very aware of the possible consequences of getting spammed entering their details to an email contact form which is backed up by falling industry open rates

More and more people use fake or disposable email addresses just to get the content on offer making email even less effective

With SMS its quick and easy

No name or email required, enter 1 word, press send and within 1 minute you have a reply and because the customer has initiated the conversation, they are normally happy to provide their name and email to get the information they have requested

We add each contact to an email list and an SMS phone book contact list automatically

Here is the process in action using a VIP Club offer

Customer is asked to text JOIN to the local number

Reply asks for their name and then for the email to send the details

Simply, quick and incredibly effective

Contact added to the SMS phone book list and the email list to receive future autoresponder and broadcast messages

Lets face it, text messages are a way of life

If we want to contact our friends or family, we send a quick text and what do we all do when we receive that text

We open it because we have our phone to hand, how many times have you not opened a text message?

This is the reason 98% of all text messages are opened within 3 minutes

Massively increase opt-in rates using a combination of email and SMS text message marketing

Social media SMS lead generation

Using advanced chat bot technology, we can convert a cold enquiry into a lead from social media or a website visit very easily and because no personal data is required the conversions are much higher

We dont ask for a name or email, simply text a keyword to the number to get the details and this is why SMS lead generation is 4 times more effective than email alone

Instore Promotions

Create flyers, inserts and posters to help get the word out

Incentivise the offer and creating a special VIP club is a great way to reward existing customers who are the main asset of any business

Here is how the process works

Look how much more effective lead generation is when adding SMS to email

When a subscriber enters their details in either an email or SMS lead form, they are automatically added to an email list and an SMS phone book contact list automatically

Create a welcome email to be delivered after subscription and schedule a welcome SMS text message to suit your own campaign requirements

Sending email and SMS welcome messages can double your conversions!

In this example below, the welcome email is triggered immediately after the subscriber opts in and the SMS text message is sent 1 hour after which can massively improve open and click through rates

Using cross channel marketing massively increases open rates

If you can get 70% delivery rates with a monthly service you are doing great..

What about 70% OPEN RATES!

78% Open Rates - 62% Click Through

81 % Open Rates - 23% Click Through

71% Open Rates - 17% Click Through

66% Open Rates - 32% Click Through

This is the sheer power of cross channel marketing!

It’s a simple but highly effective process

Quickly and easily Create special offers and events

Here is a social media banner for a local car repair shop using a discount offer,  its painting by numbers easy to create unlimited chat bot flows as you can see below

Create automated upsells to increase revenue

Here is an example of a car repair shop providing an upsell offer in the automated reply

This is a great way to increase the value of the customer and recoup the original discount offer

Its simple to set up and incredibly effective

Create set and forget Autoresponder campaigns

Deliver the latest offers direct to your customers phone every day, week or month to suit your clients business on autopilot

Simply create a landing page and upload the latest offers and deals

Create the autoresponder message and add the link to the landing page

Set the message to deliver weekly, monthly or at a custom time to suit and the messages are delivered on autopilot

It really doesn’t get any easier to drive more customers each and every week with the minimum amount of work required

Provide 24/7 Automated email/SMS Support

It doesn’t really matter how big your business is, we all need a support desk or some way in which customers and would be customers can contact us

There is nothing more annoying than waiting for days to get a reply to a support request, it may be technical and needs immediate attention or it may be a customer on the edge of confirming an order

Never miss a ticket or leave your customers waiting again

Set up a support desk using our chat bot with an exclusive keyword and simply map out the chat flow

Add the number to websites, social media and promotions

Here is a chat bot support example

Collects the email address of the contact which is passed to the relevant department all on auto-pilot

New customer sales enquiry

Massively boost conversions using live chat

In this example, everyone who replies to the social media banner offer sending a text with the keyword GYMOFFER is added to a phone book contact list and an email list

The chat bot delivers the reply and directs the customer to check thier email for details of the offer 

Each chatbot flow is saved in the system and you can find the customer from the name or the telephone number from the list as you can see

You can see the bot replies for the special offer above but look at the power of using live chat below to convert the lead

Reply in real time and provide the very best customer service

Create urgency, add a further discount or any other CTA,this is the flexibility and sheer power of our automated chat bot flows

 This is an incredibly powerful, totally unique feature, you can make replies in real time to hundreds of customers from 1 dashboard in minutes

But it gets even better...

 100% Mobile Responsive so you never miss a lead!

We are all busy people and not always sat at the PC, but we do always have our phone

We have created a yet another totally unique feature that allows you to set up an instant notification that is sent to your phone when a new enquiry replies to any keyword you have set up

Add the phone number that you want to receive the update to the chat flow and each new enquiry triggers the alert and provides the number of the enquiry and the keyword

Login to the app on your PC, find the enquiry and reply in real time or login to the app directly from your own phone and make unlimited replies to unlimited enquires in real time

Use Live Chat to provide the personal touch to close the deal

Use live chat to send a personal message, you can login to check each message from the alerts set up

You can simply turn off the chat bot and send and receive live messages in real time which is super powerful when you have a hot lead

Never miss an enquiry even when you are closed

Provide automated updates and answers to business enquiries even when the restaurant is closed

Use the chat bot to provide general information and links to important web page information

Never miss an enquiry from a new restaurant owner, never miss an enquiry for your restaurant clients

This is without doubt the most comprehensive email & SMS platform ON THE PLANET and provides a total solution!

Outstanding SMS Delivery

 We connect to worldwide, industry leading platforms to provide outstanding service and fast delivery

Local quality

With Global Low Latency (GLL), your messages automatically take the shortest and highest quality path. Local carrier connections worldwide help us validate that your messages can be delivered, and you receive real-time delivery status

Local numbers (US) for better conversions and 2-way messages

According to recent research, as many as 64% of customers want to be able to engage with companies via two-way messaging and acquiring a long number (also known as a virtual mobile number) enables businesses to do just that.

It has also been proven that customers much prefer to call and text local numbers rather than national telephone or short code text message numbers

You can provide a local number to each of your US clients based on their exact location

Each customer can register their own brand ID which is what the recipient sees when a 1-way message is delivered (Not available in US, only number is used for 1- and 2-way messages)

Send 2-way messages from a unique local telephone number to domestic numbers (Mobile Numbers only UK)

Great for local restaurants to use for promotions to create long term value

Automatic built in opt Out process

Add an automatic opt out link in each message and recipient is automatically removed from all contact lists for 100% compliance

SMS Campaign reports

See the stats on all campaigns sent, you can view each recipient and the success of the message

SMS Delivery reports

View detailed delivery reports on all messages sent and received

Sending credits are automatically deducted for the account balance for messages sent and received

We provide a full 2 way SMS service in, US, Canada and the UK

Access to the service is totally Free if you have any combined host service or the online branding pack and all you pay for is the credits to send your messages

We include 30 days service and 100 credits

After 30 days, providing you purchase a minimum of £15 per month in credits, the SMS number rental is included in your service.

If you do not take the monthly credit plan, the number rental is £4 per month pre-paid for 12 months and you can simply buy credits as required

Buy credits at a discounted rate

If you are based in the US and Canada you can buy 1000 credits for just $25

UK credits cost £0.7 pence

Can you imagine the results you can achieve for your clients..

Sending 1000 messages and getting over 900 opened and read within 3 minutes for just $25

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We have 2 options to harness the power of using email & SMS text message marketing to grow your business.

Our standard service costs £24.50 per month and includes unlimited use of the service and a unique SMS number rental to send and receive your campaigns with no minimum spend required for sending credits

For a limited time...

Get FREE ACCESS to the service when you purchase any Combined hosting plan or our Online Business Branding pack 

Simply purchase a minimum of £15 per month in credits and the service is totally free with unlimited access, if you don’t spend £15 per month, the number rental costs £4 per month, pre-paid for 12 months and you can simply buy discounted credits as required

To get started, select the monthly option to use the service directly or choose the option to purchase any combined hosting plan or our online branding pack and once payment is received, we will provide access to the members area to get started

Are you ready to get started

This service simply guarantees you will massively increase customer engagement, generate new leads and make more sales.

Create an autoreply chat bot and never miss a message.

Create a social media post and offer an incentive to join your rewards club and send weekly offers to your new members.

Each contact is added to your SMS phone book and email list, and you can create a series of email autoresponder messages to be sent automatically

It’s not rocket science and it’s not difficult.

Takes mins to set up and once set up it runs in the background.

Set up an alert to your phone for every new lead and simply reply in real time using live chat.

This is a premium service that gets outstanding results and once set up, simply works in the background.

Set up Service included

We include a full set up service and connect the app to your SMTP server, create the domain records and send a test campaign, so you are fully validated and ready to go

We also include a warmup process to make sure your new IP is slowly introduced to the ISPs like Google and Yahoo to avoid any blacklisting.

Got Questions? We got the answers!

Are there any other fees or charges

We include a unique local number to send your campaigns and the only other cost is to purchase credits or a 12 month number rental

Is this a managed Service

No, we provide the structure to send marketing emails and SMS messages, we create and validate the domain records, connect the new IP to the SMTP server and complete a warm up plan, the customer is required to ensure contact lists have provided permission to receive email marketing campaigns, email copy is can spam compliant and purchased lists are not acceptable.  SMS contacts must also provide permission to receive marketing messages and opt out links must be provided on all channels

 Can I use Shared hosting to send bulk emails

No, whilst technically you can send bulk emails using a shared server, the chances of getting any sort of delivery is almost zero

Shared hosting works with lots of customers sharing 1 IP and its this IP that sends the email campaigns, chances are the IP of any shared service will either be blacklisted or have a poor reputation so we only provide this service for customers of our email marketing service that include a dedicated IP and monthly sending allowance

Do you provide set up and user guides

Yes, we provide a comprehensive members area, and you can find lots of useful resources, guides, and video tutorials to help you get the most from the service

The set up is very simple and straight forward and you can have your first campaign set up and ready to go in less than 5 minutes once we have allocated your number

Do I need any technical knowledge to make this work

NO, we have made this service as easy as possible to use, set up takes minutes and if you can copy and paste you can have 2-way chat bot flows set up collecting leads and generating enquires using the built-in automation

Do I have to create accounts with providers like Twilio to use this service

No, a big feature of our service is we have integrated with service providers directly in the app so you don’t need to connect to other service providers, we allocate your number and provide discounted credits directly inside the app 

Do you provide a money back guarantee cover

No, the service is provided for free, the one time connection cost, SMS credits and the number rental are non refundable

Can I use this service worldwide

No, the service is available in US, Canada, and UK, the 2-way chat bot technology works only in the country of origin, 1-way messages can be sent internationally