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We are a specialist team of email and SMS marketing experts focused on providing turnkey solutions to small and medium sized agencies and marketers

We launched our business back in 2013 designing and building email and SMS software applications and in 2018 we added our specialist hosting division specifically for email marketers

We are a UK based Company, and our management and support team are based here, our data centres are in located in Europe, North America and our research and development teams are based in the Far East and Egypt

The result of this structure is we can provide outstanding services at a fraction of the cost of our bigger competition, but we don’t compromise on the quality of our services or our support

Our customers love our personal approach and the high levels of care we provide, and we have the most cost-effective solution to getting outstanding results with email marketing without breaking the bank

Save 55%

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Save 55%

Now $29 

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Save 55%

Now $29 

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Save 55%

Now $29 

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  • Send 1 million bulk emails per month
  • Dedicated IP Included
  • Cloud based email and SMS app
  • Premium Hosting for Unlimited Websites
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If you are currently paying for SMTP services, email or SMS autoresponder software and website hosting


Unique Solution Provides the best of both worlds WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK!

Get the benefits of sending emails from a dedicated IP without the cost of buying a dedicated server and get super-fast website hosting with full cPanel access using our low cost, specially configured unique servers

We know the importance of providing a service that is Robust and Reliable

We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and our standard server specification includes many premium features only available as paid options in many other hosting provider plans

Email Marketing is all about email delivery and emails get to the inbox when the sender reputation is high

We have combined Specially configured servers optimized for speed and the highest levels of security with the exceptional performance of sending emails with an SMTP relay and dedicated IP for outstanding delivery

The only way to GUARANTEE that you are building your own reputation and not get flagged as a spammer is to use a dedicated IP

If you are trying to send bulk emails from your shared host server this is the reason you are not getting results

Spammers set up cheap shared hosting accounts and try to spam the system which quickly gets the shared IP blacklisted

Powerful cross channel marketing software using email and 2-way SMS text messages

We provide a business communications platform for you to use for your own marketing campaigns and to provide both email and SMS marketing services to your clients from our comprehensive client portal with no 3rd party Integrations required

The more touch points you have with a new enquiry or customer...

The more engagement is generated, and this presents more opportunities to convert a lead into a paying customer and it simply does not get any better than using email and SMS text message marketing

Comprehensive email features include...

Import unlimited Lists with no List Verification required

Create lists, import unlimited subscribers with no list verification, set to single/double opt in and set up redirects to your OTOs in a couple of clicks

List Automation

Automatically move subscribers and customers based on actions

If your prospect joins your buyers list automatically unsubscribe them from the prospects list and add them to the new buyers list to start to receive the new autoresponder sequence

Set up automatic redirects to any page

If you are using single opt in, you can simply automatically direct your subscriber to your OTO page or any page of your choice including direct to affiliate offers. 

Simply add the URL on the pre-configured subscription confirmed page

Retargeting for improved conversions

Boost conversions with advanced re-engagement

Re-engage with subscribers who didn’t open your email

With our smart technology there is no reason to ever send a 2nd message to anyone who has opened a previous email

Customizable list forms

Customizable list forms compatible with all the major page builder software

You are not limited in designing your own opt in form codes and you can customize as you want, load in your own CSS and JS files to make your forms look amazing

If you use a page builder, simply create your opt in list code in the app and copy and paste into the page builder squeeze page without any further editing requirements

Create great looking campaigns with our drag n drop editor

Create great looking emails and newsletters using our drag n drop html editor.  Create templates to use for future which can automatically include your unsubscribe link, company address and website URL to comply fully with the Can-Spam act

Choose from 30 professional templates 

Create eye catching newsletters using a choice of over 30 professionally designed pre-loaded email templates based on themes, seasons and business types for increased conversion

Built in Spam checker

Before you send your campaign, add the spam checker email to your test list to get a full report and score to ensure your email has the best chance of getting to the inbox

If you do have any issues, you can see from the report what needs to be addressed to ensure all of your emails pass the test

Powerful 2 way SMS messages using 2 way chat bot technology


Get 98% of your messages opened and read within 3 minutes!

SMS text message marketing has some major advantages compared to email, the biggest being the massive open rates up to 98% within 3 minutes

Lead Generation - This is where the magic happens!

Convert cold leads to customers

Using SMS text messages to drive new enquires is ten times more effective than using email alone

Our totally unique system still extracts the name and email from the prospect using our automated chat bot which works like gangbusters as you can see in the examples below

Use website forms, social media covers, banners and printed flyers to get the word out fast about your latest offer

Here is the process in action using a VIP Club offer

Customer is asked to text JOIN to the local number

Reply asks for their name and then for the email to send the details

Simply, quick and incredibly effective

Contact added to the SMS phone book list and the email list to receive future autoresponder and broadcast messages

Most people now are very aware of the possible consequences of getting spammed entering their details to an email contact form which is backed up by falling industry open rates

More and more people use fake or disposable email addresses just to get the content on offer making email even less effective

With SMS its quick and easy

No name or email required, enter 1 word, press send and within 1 minute you have a reply and because the customer has initiated the conversation, they are normally happy to provide their name and email to get the information they have requested

We add each contact to an email list and an SMS phone book contact list automatically

Sending email and SMS welcome messages can double your conversions!

In this example below, the welcome email is triggered immediately after the subscriber opts in and the SMS text message is sent 1 hour after which can massively improve open and click through rates

Existing Customer campaigns

Send targeted campaigns to 1000s with exclusive offers

Use keyword campaigns to segment customers based on offers and actions

Send a bulk 2 way message asking for a reply to a keyword, in this example its WINE and all replies are moved to a new phone book and the customer automatically receives the code to claim the offer

Create set and forget Autoresponder campaigns

Deliver the latest offers direct to your customers phone every day, week or month to suit your clients business on autopilot

Simply create a landing page and upload the latest offers and deals

Create the autoresponder message and add the link to the landing page

Set the message to deliver weekly, monthly or at a custom time to suit and the messages are delivered on autopilot

It really doesn’t get any easier to drive more customers each and every week with the minimum amount of work required

We provide a full 2 way SMS service in, US, Canada, Australia and the UK

We include a unique local telephone number as part of this offer

Additional numbers can also be purchased for clients directly inside the app and the cost is from just $2 per month per number paid annually in advance

Credits are pay as you go and are purchased directly inside the app, we include 60 days of service, after this time, providing a minimum spend of $10 per month is being made for credits, the rental of your unique telephone number is included in the annual license fee

Buy credits at a discounted rate

If you are based in the US and Canada you can buy 1000 credits for just $15

UK credits cost 0.06 cents, Australia cost 0.10 cents

Can you imagine the results you can achieve...

Sending 1000 messages and getting over 900 opened and read within 3 minutes for just $15

Premium Hosting for unlimited websites

To complement our email marketing service, we include premium hosting for unlimited websites on lightning-fast servers with advanced features included as standard

Unlike any other hosting service providing an SMTP email sending service or email marketing software, we include premium hosting and a complete system set up so you can be up and running and ready to go in minutes

Features Include...

FREE Premium Domain and SSL certificate

We include a premium domain name registration and SSL certificate free for 12 months with all of our annual plans.

WHOIS Privacy, Email Forwarding, Domain Defender Protection, Custom WHOIS Records and DNS Management are also included for free and always will be for the duration of your plan

To select your choice of domain, simply search for the available domain name in the order process and we add to your account for free

Website Builder Included

Drag and drop website builder makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills. 

The easy drag & drop builder allows you to create a professional website with no technical skills required.

Choose different elements to add photos, maps or videos by just dragging and dropping them into place, right from your web browser

Optimised for performance and security

LiteSpeed powered caching and custom-built advanced optimization for lightning-fast load speeds using the latest SSD disc technology.

Cloudflare is included as standard and is the foundation for your infrastructure, applications, and teams.

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your external-facing resources such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your internal resources such as behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices.

Full cPanel Access

With cPanel’s responsive interface, you can manage your hosting from anywhere, whether you are using desktop, tablet or smartphone and include all of the premium features

cPanel provides the most reliable and intuitive server and site management platform.

 With a rich feature set, cPanel’s automated and configurable platform enables customers to focus on growing their businesses

Wordpress Toolkit

Enhanced Features, Increased Security, and Simplified Management for WordPress in cPanel

WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich management interface that allows anyone to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, with tools such as Cloning and Smart Updates, is now included as part of cPanel.

The Most Complete, Secure, and Versatile Toolkit for WordPress

From customizable installations to intuitive management of backup, theme, plugin, and passwords, WordPress Toolkit is ideal for anyone with multiple WordPress websites.

Installing WordPress from cPanel Has Never Been More Powerful

Set up Service Included

Getting started couldn’t be any easier, we provide instant access to your admin area and cPanel and you can add your sites, create unlimited business email accounts, and access the site builder software

We set up the SMTP server based on the exact plan selected and connect this to your app, we create and validate the all-important DKIM and SPF domain records and create and validate the DMARC record which is normally completed within 24 hours based on the propagation of the records

We create a test list and send a test campaign, once the set up is complete we provide a full set up report including a spam check score

Additional Features Included as standard

Unlimited email accounts

cPanel allow you to create your own email accounts, manage their space, passwords, set forwarders and aliases, filters, auto responders.

The Webmail feature means you can view your email from anywhere through a browser, whilst the SpamAssasin and filters will help you in controlling unwanted messages.

File Manager

Manage your files with ease

You can do tasks like edit, delete and move your files around with the online File Manager.

Manage your FTP accounts, sessions and priviledges, keep your data secure by configuring and downloading daily backups.

1 Click Installs

Get access to  more than 50 Powerful scripts all installed at the click of a button with Fantastico!

Wordpress, Shopping Carts, Forums, Blogs, Customer Relationship Tools, FAQ Systems, Site Builders, Form Generators, Support Ticket Systems, Photo Galleries, Classified Systems, Banner Servers and more! 

Cloudflare Protection

Your website, APIs, and applications are your key channels for doing business with your customers and suppliers. As more and more shift online, ensuring these resources are secure, performant and reliable is a business imperative.

Cloudflare for Infrastructure is a complete solution to enable this for anything connected to the Internet.

Domain manager

Create subdomains (i.e. sub.domain.com) manage add-on domain, parked domains and redirect URLs.

You can  also easily create databases and users in a couple of minutes

Create aliases, add or remove subdomains, manage DNS zones and direct site visitors around any of your web properties 

Lite-Speed Caching

LiteSpeed's built-in server-level cache (LSCache) is a highly-customizable caching solution.

With LSCache, you can dramatically reduce page load times, provide an exceptional user experience and handle traffic spikes with ease

Manage cache with minimal fuss and powerful Smart Purge technology providing the fastest page load speeds available

Ready to get Started

We provide a range of solutions to suit all budgets

Why Choose Us

We are a small team of email marketing experts based in the UK

Our service is GDPR compliant, and we offer a range of services designed to get outstanding results for the lowest possible prices

We know about email marketing and in addition to providing guaranteed bulk email sending services and website hosting on super-fast servers, we also design and build email and SMS communication platforms designed for small to medium sized businesses

Our services are guaranteed to produce results and our server specifications are amongst the highest in the industry

We provide a personal service and excellent customer support, and our customers love our personal approach and the high level of care we provide

We provide a 14-day money back guarantee so why not give us a chance to show you exactly what we can do for your business

You have nothing to lose and all to gain, get an outstanding service with the highest possible performance and save a fortune on monthly fees compared to our competition

darryl henderson

I couldn't ask for better Customer Support.

David Henry responded quickly and solved all requests without complications.

It's obvious your team care about their customers and I really appreciate that.

I just want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job.

Everything has been done in such a timely and professional manner and I really appreciate that.

Out of the numerous hosting services I have tried, yours is by far the best with the type of customer service you provide.

Keep up the great work.

Check what our clients say about us

Jenny Martins

UI/UX Designer

In fact, this is not a real cost to me - it is a saving. 

I have used a wide variety of email platforms, from Aweber to Infusionsoft and I have to say for the price, the features far outweigh the cost.  In fact, this is not a real cost to me - it is a saving. 

Additionally, the "mailing" or should I say campaign side of InboxingPro is just as impressive. 

 Campaign set up is quite efficient, which I really like, and you have done a good job with helpful tips here and there in the platform.

Overall, I have been extremely happy

  The new tutorials are great,  I think they will be especially helpful for those with a little less experience.

Paul Simons

it Consultant

I am even getting a higher inbox rate than I was with aweber"

I have been mailing my lists with top tier autoresponders like Aweber and infusionsoft for years.

I have also tried dozens of self-hosting options. I have been mailing with my own server and self-hosting for the last 4 years as well. I've tried the WordPress plugins, the web-based option along with the server-based ones.

 I own arpreach, mailster, sendy, mail poet, Sean Donohue's imsc mailer along with too many others to list here. And now I only use InboxingPro!

I am happy to say I have no need for any of the other options. This does everything I need and more.

I am even getting a higher inbox rate than I was with aweber.

And I am no longer going automatically to the "promotions" tab thanks to InboxingPro.

 I will be using this for many many years to come.  

Thank you, David, for provide such a stellar piece of kit.

John Carter


I have over a 95% to 98% inbox delivery rate to my subscribers

This app has been a complete time and value saver!

 I love all the features that you have included in this app as it is far superior to many of the other SMTP autoresponders that is currently out there in the marketplace.

InboxingPro reliability for email delivery and ease of use is even better in my opinion than a lot of the big named autoresponder's out there such as Aweber,  Mail Chimp and Send Reach to name a few that I have tried.

  I have over a 95% to 98% inbox delivery rate to my subscribers.

With all the set-up included along with the Blacklist opt-in screening and blacklist name adding process for importing subscribers, it really helps to increase my IP reputation for my mailings.

Service great as usual. I got the solution to my problem and also good info about the support system that I needed

266803 – Julian Webb

Super fast support taking great care with accuracy of each of my inquiries and technical issues

857268 – Dahlan Baron

The Team with David Henry is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you

600058 – Richard

By just keeping things simple as possible Thanks again, Mr David, I told you I would come back and join your services, and I did, and wont go anywhere else Thanks again buddy. Ricky              

949177 – Ricky Verret

A wonderful response to my query very quick and efficient my problem nicely resolved.

853126 – Debbie Brooks

You always look after me like I'm paying you thousands of dollars when I'm only a small fish in the sea. Thank you for your excellent customer service!

621869 – Robert Billings

Outstanding support as always... customer for over 5 years in various aspects of Inboxing Pro.

176254 – Joe Leech

I have been with David and his team for many years now, and I have had an impeccable high standard of customer service at all times. David has set the standards in the IM space and many other companies cannot sustain this high level as David is amongst the elite! Thank you for all the great years of service and I will continue to support this platform in years to come.

791688 – Gary Curtis

Thank you David. As usual issue resolved very quickly and professionaly. Top notch Customer Support

423289 Darryl

David responded very quickly to my concerns that I had and also probably went beyond his obligation in securing my domain name. Thank you very much.

282925 - henderson

You are the best support, I thank you for that!

853126 – Debbie Brooks

The Team with David Henry is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you.

600058 – Richard

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