Premium cPanel Hosting for Unlimited Websites

Premium Features Included as Standard

Our hosting plans provide server specifications amongst the highest in the industry and include many additional, premium features as standard, check each plan for the generous resource limits


Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Unlimited email Accounts

FREE Domain (Pre-paid Plan)

Free SSL

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 Click app Installs

WP Tool Kit

Traffic Reports


WordPress Toolkit

Imunify 360

Litespeed Cache


Weebly Site Builder

Cloud Linux

Jetpack Daily Backups

We do things Slightly Different to most other hosting companies...

We believe in providing the highest server specifications, premium features, software and plugins most other hosting companies either don’t include or make additional charges for

Optimised for Superior WordPress Performance included as standard

WordPress is the market leader in providing open-source content management systems.  It accounts for over 40% of the websites online today and is easy to use, offers high quality customisations and is optimised for fast website loading speeds

WordPress is a full application you can use to publish your content online with ease. Since it's so simple to use, you can modify your website's content via a control panel, without needing any technical knowledge.

Extend WordPress with over 55,000 plugins to help your website meet your needs. Add an online store, galleries, mailing lists, forums, analytics, and much more

WordPress Manager

Manage WordPress installations from a dedicated page with all features 

Auto Install WordPress

Use the API/modules to auto install WordPress on user's domain 

Plugins and Themes Sets

Admin and Users can create sets with chosen WordPress Plugins & Themes 

Customized WordPress

Offer a customized version of WordPress with plugins and themes of your choice 

Auto Upgrade WordPress 

Choose to auto upgrade WordPress core to Minor versions or Major versions 

Auto Upgrade Plugins

Choose to Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins and Themes on daily basis

380 App Installs

1 click installs for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop & more

Import installations 

Just fill in the login details of your previous server and your installation will be imported

Clone Installations

Clone an installation in just a click to create a new site from an existing installation

Comprehensive Features used by millions

Website Performance

Site Stats and Analytics

Social Media Integration

Search Engine Optimization 

Website Security

Website Backups  

Full cPanel Access

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools to simplify website and server management. It offers a range of features and benefits that are advantageous for website owners, administrators, developers, and hosting providers.

User-Friendly Interface: cPanel provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to manage websites, domains, email accounts, databases, and more without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Publish a website

Choose from the most popular site builders to launch your web presence 

Business emails & calendars

Stay connected with the powerful email and calendar capabilities baked into cPanel. 

Manage domains

Harness the power to manage your network of domains, add or remove subdomains

Backup  & manage files

Securely backup and transfer all web files from within the cPanel interface or use the FTP 

Launch databases

Design custom databases using MySQL Wizard or various other tools.

PHP Multiple Versions

Support multiple versions of PHP directly in cPanel and select the version required

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache works by storing static copies of dynamic web pages in memory or on disk, reducing the need for the server to generate those pages repeatedly for each user request. This reduces the server load and improves page load times. 

It can significantly improve the speed and responsiveness of websites, resulting in better user experiences, improved search engine rankings, and increased overall site performance.

Object Caching

Browser Cache

CDN Integration


Imunify360 combines multiple layers of security technologies and proactive defence mechanisms to provide robust protection against malware, viruses, brute force attacks, and other malicious activities.

Imunify360 employs advanced malware scanning techniques to detect and remove malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, and backdoors, from your server. It continuously monitors the server file system for any signs of compromise.

Web Application Firewall 

Malware Detection 

Reputation Management

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin that simplifies website management, improves performance, and provide additional security features.

Jetpack includes a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) that helps speed up the delivery of images and static files, reducing load times for visitors. It also offers lazy loading of images, which means images are only loaded when they come into view, further improving page load times

Website Performance

Backups and Restores

Social Media Integration

Premium Support

We take customer service very seriously and our team is here to answer any questions to help you get the best possible results

We provide a support desk directly inside the host admin area for 24/7 support and our apps have a built in support link for any technical issues

You always look after me like I'm paying you thousands of dollars when I'm only a small fish in the sea. Thank you for your excellent customer service!

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You responded very quickly to my concerns that I had and also probably went beyond his obligation in securing my domain name. Thank you very much.

282925 - henderson

The Team with David Henry is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you.

600058 – Richard

Super fast support taking great care with accuracy of each of my inquiries and technical issues

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Service great as usual. I got the solution to my problem and also good info about the support system that I needed

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A wonderful response to my query very quick and efficient my problem nicely resolved.

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We know the importance of providing a Service that is Robust and Reliable

We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and our standard server specification is amongst the highest in the industry

Ready to Get Started

We provide a range of solutions to suit all budgets

How we make a Difference

We are a small team of email marketing experts based in the UK

Our service is GDPR compliant, and we offer a range of services designed to get outstanding results for the lowest possible prices

Our Shared server specification is amongst the highest in the industry with many advanced features included as standard

Our SMTP and Combined plans include a dedicated IP for each customer and we create an individual warm up plan based on the list size of each customer, if a customer doesn’t have a list the warm up process is activated from new subscribers automatically

Domain validation is very important and the system automatically issues and verifies a DKIM, SPF and a DMARC record which is essential to build a trusted sender reputation

Finally, we create a custom reverse DNS record which ensures the IP resolves to the domain which is essential to protect the IP from possible blocks and blacklisting

We are passionate about email marketing and in addition to providing guaranteed bulk email sending services and website hosting on super-fast servers, we also design and build email and SMS communication platforms designed for small to medium sized businesses

Why Not Give us a Try...

You have nothing to lose and all to gain, get an outstanding service with the highest possible performance and save a fortune on monthly fees compared to our competition

  • Our services are guaranteed to produce results and our server specifications are amongst the highest in the industry
  • We provide a personal service and excellent customer support and our customers love our personal approach and the high level of care we provide
  • We provide a 14-day money back guarantee so why not give us a chance to show you exactly what we can do for your business
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We guarantee our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere for reliable bulk SMTP email delivery including a dedicated IP.  Find the same service cheaper and we will give you 6 months for FREE!

We incur significant costs in the set up of a new account, but we are so confident you will love the service we give you a 14 day money back guarantee so the risk is all ours, if the service is not for you simply let us know and we will issue a full refund