Specialist Web Hosting for email Marketers

Send up to 300,000 emails per month with super-fast SSD drives and a dedicated IP to ensure more of your emails get to the inbox not the spam box!

Starting from $3.99 per month

Pre-paid for 36 Months

Totally Unique Hosting solution provides a dedicated IP and Guaranteed bulk email sending allowance with super-fast hosting for unlimited websites.

Dedicated IP

Emails get to the inbox when the sender reputation is high.

The only way to GUARANTEE that you are building your own reputation is to use a dedicated IP.

As part of the service, we configure the IP to get a trusted sender reputation which further improves the email delivery performance.

Bulk email Delivery

Never worry about your bulk campaigns not getting delivered.

Each of our specialist plans include a guaranteed number of emails are delivered as per the plan

You can get up to 300,000 emails delivered per month using our specially configured servers

Super-Fast Hosting

Each customer is allocated their own exclusive space on each shared server and we do not add more than 100 customers to any server.

Super-Fast SSD drives for fast processing included as standard.  Free domain name and SSL for each plan and we also include a full cPanel license which includes Cloudflare and a daily back up.

We use our experience to create your perfect fixed cost solution

We provide a totally unique solution designed for email marketers to get better results with lower fixed costs.

We know about email marketing and we have been building bespoke email and SMS platforms since 2017.

After launching our flagship email app, Inboxingpro we saw many of our new customers having delivery issues trying to use their existing host servers to send emails.

After looking around at the options available, we quickly learned the only option to send emails using an API or SMTP server was to buy expensive 3rd party email only sending services or buy a dedicated server, both of which were very expensive especially for marketers starting out or with smaller sized lists.

We spent 9 months developing our totally unique hosting solution which very cleverly combines the low cost of shared hosting with the superior performance of sending emails using a dedicated IP and we now have lots of very happy email marketers getting outstanding email delivery and super-fast hosting for their websites.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

As system developers we know keeping costs to a minimum is critical to getting success especially when first starting out

We have designed a range of plans to help the brand-new marketer get started with an entry level solution.

Once the business starts to grow, we provide seamless upgrades to bigger plans with added features and  this process ensures no one needs to pay for services they are not using.

Discover why our unique Hosting gets outstanding results for email marketers