Get more Marketing emails Delivered to the Inbox without Breaking the Bank!

Use our powerful SMTP Sending Engine to get more marketing emails delivered to the inbox using a dedicated IP

Create great looking campaigns using our advanced email & SMS Autoresponder app

Professional Services for Marketers in the US and UK

We are a small team of email and SMS marketing experts based in the UK focusing on providing exceptional email marketing services to small to medium sized agencies and Online Marketers throughout US and UK

We launched our service back in 2015 designing and building email and SMS software and in 2018 we added our specialist hosting division for email marketers

After launching our premium SMTP sending service, we saw a huge gap in the market to provide a complete email marketing solution under 1 roof to include unlimited SMTP email sending, premium website hosting for unlimited websites and a comprehensive email & SMS Autoresponder app

Email Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

 If you currently buy any email marketing service's or are looking to start, you will see our prices are significantly lower than any of our competitors

We achieve this by remaining lean and mean

We are a multinational company with our management and support team based in the UK, our servers are located in North America and the UK, and our development team and server admins based in the UK, Egypt and the Far East where costs are generally much lower than Europe or the US

Whilst we pass on big savings to our customers our services are guaranteed to produce results and our server specifications are amongst the highest in the industry

We provide a personal service and excellent customer support, our customers love our personal approach and the high level of care we provide and we look forward to being of service to you

Unique Service provides a Complete Range of Specialist Features for email marketers at all levels

  • Send Unlimited emails Using our Bullet proof SMTP Sending Engine
  • Dedicated IP for each customer
  • Advanced email & SMS Autoresponder app
  • Premium cPanel Hosting for Unlimited Websites
  • Instant Access, System Set up, Server Configuration and Automated IP Warm up

Create great looking email and SMS campaigns, send unlimited emails using bullet proof SMTP delivery and host unlimited websites on super-fast server’s 

Everything you need to create Your own Bespoke Marketing Solution based on your own exact requirements so you only ever pay for the features and services you are using

Lowest Prices Online Guaranteed!

We guarantee our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere for unlimited website hosting, reliable bulk SMTP email delivery including a dedicated IP.  Find the same service cheaper and we will give you 6 months for FREE!

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you will love our service like all our customers do, we will give you a 14-day money back guarantee to test drive the service and if it's not for you, simply let us know and we will issue a full refund

Here is quick overview of our services, click the “more details” link for additional information on each feature

Bullet Proof email delivery using our SMTP Sending Engine

  • Dedicated IP or IP blocks based on sending volume
  • Individual Virtual MTAs
  • UK & North America Data Centres
  • Connect your email software or use our advanced platform
  • IP warm up automation
  • Automated Bounce Handling
  • Additional PAYG Email sending Credits
  • Premium Support

We have built a powerful SMTP sending engine from the ground up which is not built on old fashioned open-source technology found in services like Postfix or Sendmail

As part of our email delivery engine, we have configured powerful MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents) to take the strain of your bulk email delivery

Unlike traditional services which can send a total of around 100,000 emails per hour, our bulk email SMTP engine can send millions per hour, and we can simply add more MTAs and IPs based on the sending volume of each customer

More Details 

Advanced email & SMS Automations Included for FREE with every Plan

Powerful cross channel marketing using email and 2-way SMS text messages

Combining the power of our Enterprise email app with the outstanding delivery of our SMS platform using advanced 2 Way Chat Bot technology in 1 easy to use dashboard

We provide a business communications platform for you to use for your own marketing campaigns and to provide both email and SMS marketing services to your clients from our comprehensive client portal with no 3rd party Integrations

The more touch points you have with a new enquiry or customer...

The more engagement is generated, and this presents more opportunity to convert a lead into a paying customer and it simply does not get any better than using email and SMS text message marketing

Advanced Features Included as Standard...

  • Drag n Drop html Editor
  • List Automation
  • Retargeting
  • Regular Campaigns
  • SMS Chat Bot Automation
  • No 3rd Party Integrations
  • Single or Double Opt-in
  • Bounce Processing
  • Autoresponder Campaigns
  • SMS Live Chat
  • Discounted Credits
  • Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Automatic Redirects
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Tracking & Reports
  • Unique SMS Number
  • Client Portal
  • Unlimited Lists

Premium cPanel Hosting for Unlimited Websites 

As part of our unique service, we also provide hosting on super-fast servers for unlimited websites with advanced features included as standard FOR LESS THAN £5 per month

We allocate each customer a dedicated IP and full cPanel access, unlike other hosting services, we allocate specific resources to each customer so the service will never run slower during peak times, and we include full reporting functions for resources and SMTP email delivery

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Premium cPanel Features
  • Advanced Imunify 360 Security
  • Litespeed Cache for super-fast loading
  • Daily Backups
  • 1 Click app Installs
  • WordPress Toolkit

Save a Minimum of 50% Off our Lowest Priced Competitor!

Check out the prices below from other leading services to compare the cost to send 100,000 emails using SMTP delivery, as you can see, we are significantly cheaper but we don't compromise on the high quality of our service

Everything a Professional Marketer needs in 1 easy to use, low-cost service!


Simple, Straight Forward Pricing with no fake Discounts or nasty surprises with added fees at the end of the check out!

Choose the SMTP Only Plan if you don't need our hosting, if you want to take advantage of our complete service choose the Combined Plan

Please Note:

The email & SMS autoresponder is included for FREE with both plans,  set up and server configuration is included and you can also connect to any 3rd party email marketing software in minutes

Check what our clients say about us

In fact, this is not a real cost to me - it is a saving. 

I have used a wide variety of email platforms, from Aweber to Infusionsoft and I have to say for the price, the features far outweigh the cost.  In fact, this is not a real cost to me - it is a saving. 

Additionally, the "mailing" or should I say campaign side of InboxingPro is just as impressive. 

 Campaign set up is quite efficient, which I really like, and you have done a good job with helpful tips here and there in the platform.

Overall, I have been extremely happy

  The new tutorials are great,  I think they will be especially helpful for those with a little less experience.

I am even getting a higher inbox rate than I was with aweber"

I have been mailing my lists with top tier autoresponders like Aweber and infusionsoft for years.

I have also tried dozens of self-hosting options. I have been mailing with my own server and self-hosting for the last 4 years as well. I've tried the WordPress plugins, the web-based option along with the server-based ones.

 I own arpreach, mailster, sendy, mail poet, Sean Donohue's imsc mailer along with too many others to list here. And now I only use InboxingPro!

I am happy to say I have no need for any of the other options. This does everything I need and more.

I am even getting a higher inbox rate than I was with aweber.

And I am no longer going automatically to the "promotions" tab thanks to InboxingPro.

 I will be using this for many many years to come.  

Thank you, David, for provide such a stellar piece of kit.

I have over a 95% to 98% inbox delivery rate to my subscribers

This app has been a complete time and value saver!

 I love all the features that you have included in this app as it is far superior to many of the other SMTP autoresponders that is currently out there in the marketplace.

InboxingPro reliability for email delivery and ease of use is even better in my opinion than a lot of the big named autoresponder's out there such as Aweber,  Mail Chimp and Send Reach to name a few that I have tried.

  I have over a 95% to 98% inbox delivery rate to my subscribers.

With all the set-up included along with the Blacklist opt-in screening and blacklist name adding process for importing subscribers, it really helps to increase my IP reputation for my mailings.

Ready to get Started

We provide a range of solutions to suit all budgets

Why Trust Us with your hosting and email marketing

We are a small team of email marketing experts based in the UK

Our service is GDPR compliant, and we offer a range of services designed to get outstanding results for the lowest possible prices

We know about email marketing and in addition to providing guaranteed bulk email sending services and website hosting on super-fast servers, we also design and build email and SMS communication platforms designed for small to medium sized businesses

Our services are guaranteed to produce results and our server specifications are amongst the highest in the industry

We provide a personal service and excellent customer support and our customers love our personal approach and the high level of care we provide

We provide a 14-day money back guarantee so why not give us a chance to show you exactly what we can do for your business

You have nothing to lose and all to gain, get an outstanding service with the highest possible performance and save a fortune on monthly fees compared to our competition


I couldn't ask for better Customer Support.

Support responded quickly and solved all requests without complications.

It's obvious your team care about their customers and I really appreciate that.

I just want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job.

Everything has been done in such a timely and professional manner and I really appreciate that.

Out of the numerous hosting services I have tried, yours is by far the best with the type of customer service you provide.

Keep up the great work.

Outstanding support as always... customer for over 5 years in various aspects of Inboxing Pro.

176254 – Joe Leech

Support responded very quickly to my concerns that I had and also probably went beyond his obligation in securing my domain name. Thank you very much.

282925 - henderson

I have been with David and his team for many years now, and I have had an impeccable high standard of customer service at all times. David has set the standards in the IM space and many other companies cannot sustain this high level as David is amongst the elite! Thank you for all the great years of service and I will continue to support this platform in years to come.

791688 – Gary Curtis

You are the best support, I thank you for that!

853126 – Debbie Brooks

Thank you. As usual issue resolved very quickly and professionaly. Top notch Customer Support

423289 Darryl

The Team with David Henry is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you.

600058 – Richard

Got Questions? We got the answers!

How long does the set-up take?

We have created an automated process and once you make payment for your chosen plan, your account is created immediately, and you will receive your order confirmation and login details by return email

We configure the autoresponder and connect to your new SMTP server,  this includes validating the domain records, registering the DMARC policy, create a test campaign and provide a full spam checker report.

This is normally delivered within 24 hours once the domain records have propagated

Can I connect using my own email autoresponder?

Yes, providing your email software connects to 3rd party SMTP services you can simply plugin our credentials and send your campaigns instantly

Can I add a new IP to my account?

We can provide an additional IP which is rotated with the IP provided for the Enterprise plan only and the cost is $17 per month per IP

We limit the number to 1 additional IP per account but if you want to send more than 500,000 emails per month using PAYG credits please contact support, and we can provide a cost based on your anticipated sending volume  

Do I have to be technical to use the service?

No not at all, we provide a login to our host admin area, and you can access lots of help guides on all aspects of our hosting features, the system is set up automatically so once payment is made you receive your login details by return and you get started immediately

Do You provide a managed service?

No, we do not include a managed service, this means you are responsible for your websites, sending domain reputation and making sure your campaigns can spam compliant, so you avoid getting blacklisted, but we do provide 24/7 support to help with any issues

Can  I upgrade to a bigger plan?

Yes. we recommend starting out on the most cost-effective plan to suit your requirements right now and once you grow and scale, we can provide an upgrade based on your new service levels, you don’t lose out on any payments previously made and all you pay is the difference in costs of the bigger plan

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we want as many people as possible to use our service and we are happy to provide a 14 day money back guarantee.  Simply contact us with your request using our support desk in the client admin area to ensure a speedy response and 100% of all refund requests within 14 days of the date of purchase will be honoured for the basic hosting service only

Domain name Registration

New domain registrations are non refundable at any time and you will have access to the domain for 12 months, if you wish to move to a new hosting, you can either transfer the domain or change the name servers

Additional IP

If you purchase an additional IP and wish to cancel the service at any time, no refund is payable because the IP has been allocated

Free Domain

If your plan includes a free domain, the cost of 12 months registration will be deducted from any refund due in the first 14 days, if you cancel a monthly plan anytime during the first 12 months of service, the cost of the domain registration will be due and invoiced for payment

Do you provide support

We pride ourselves on our service levels and we will make sure your get prompt attention to solve any issues you may have

Why are your prices significantly lower than any other SMTP service?

We are a small team of email marketing and specialist hosting experts based in the UK but our development base is in the far east so we can pass on lower development costs than we would normally incur, in addition, we don’t have big promotional budgets and choose to grow our business mainly by word of mouth and existing customer referrals making our service unbeatable both in price and performance

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We provide a range of solutions to suit all budgets

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