Send up to 500,000 marketing emails per month using our powerful SMTP bulk email sending engine AND host Unlimited Websites with Premium features included as standard

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Premium cPanel Features
  • Advanced Imunify 360 Security
  • Litespeed Cache for super-fast loading
  • Dedicated IP or IP blocks based on sending volume
  • Send up to 500,000 marketing emails per month
  • Additional PAYG Email sending Credits
  • Connect your email software or use our advanced platform

Our Unique Solution Provides the best of both worlds!

Get the benefits of sending emails from a dedicated IP without the cost of buying a dedicated server and get super-fast website hosting with full cPanel access using our low cost, specially configured unique servers

We provide the lowest prices available anywhere online, but we don’t compromise on the features or service levels of any plan

Outstanding support as always... customer for over 5 years in various aspects of Inboxing Pro.

176254 – Joe Leech

I have been with David and his team for many years now, and I have had an impeccable high standard of customer service at all times. David has set the standards in the IM space and many other companies cannot sustain this high level as David is amongst the elite! Thank you for all the great years of service and I will continue to support this platform in years to come.

791688 – Gary Curtis

Thank you Guys,  As usual issue resolved very quickly and professionaly. Top notch Customer Support

423289 Darryl


Imunify 360






Fleet SSL

Outstanding email Delivery Using our Specially configured SMTP sending Engine

Advanced Reporting

Auto Throttling

Email Delivery Monitoring

Warm up Plans

Outstanding email Delivery

Custom Bounce Processing

Not all SMTP bulk email services are created the same

We have built a powerful SMTP sending engine from the ground up which is not built on old fashioned open source technology found in services like Postfix or Sendmail

As part of our email delivery engine, we have configured powerful MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents) to take the strain of your bulk email delivery

Unlike traditional services which can send a total of around 100,000 emails per hour, our bulk email SMTP engine can send millions per hour, and we can simply add more MTAs and IP blocks based on the sending volume of each customer

Emails get to the inbox when the sender reputation is high

We have combined the low cost of shared hosting with the exceptional performance of sending emails using a dedicated IP and no other hosting solution offers this service.

The only way to GUARANTEE that you are building your own reputation and not get flagged as a spammer is to use a dedicated IP

It is impossible to get emails delivered sending from a shared IP

Spammers set up cheap shared hosting accounts and try to spam the system which quickly gets the shared IP blacklisted

If you have ever tried to send emails from a shared hosting server this is the reason your emails were not delivered

How it works

Each customer is assigned a dedicated IP or block of IPs based on the sending volume which is critical for better inbox placement and provides maximum control

We configure the MTA to have its own delivery policy including unique IP, unique hostname, and individual domain settings such as simultaneous connections, messages, and intervals

The key to our MTA engine is the receiving gateway sees the delivering virtual MTA instance as the source of the message, therefore if the IP of the MTA is not blacklisted the message will reach its destination and pass the domain reputation validations made through a reverse DNS look up

Using our specially configured MTA engine customers can take advantage of the enhanced performance without the added costs to buy and manage their own dedicated server

Additional benefits include reduced downtime with fewer points of failure and no risk of having an entire gateway blacklisted

Each of our plans include a guaranteed, monthly email sending allowance

We have designed the service to scale and when you need a bigger monthly allowance simply let us know and we can upgrade your plan instantly and you simply pay the revised monthly payment, if you pay annually, we credit the unused payment and deduct from the new charge, so you never miss out

If you don’t need a bigger monthly allowance but maybe need to send more emails some months our PAYG feature lets you send as many emails as you wish, and we simply invoice you for the credits used at the end of the month

You always look after me like I'm paying you thousands of dollars when I'm only a small fish in the sea. Thank you for your excellent customer service!

621869 – Robert Billings

You responded very quickly to my concerns that I had and also probably went beyond his obligation in securing my domain name. Thank you very much.

282925 - henderson

The Team with David Henry is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you.

600058 – Richard

  • Hosting for Unlimited Websites and Bulk email Delivery
  • Free Domain and SSL
  • Instant Access to cPanel
  • Guaranteed SMTP email Delivery
  • Additional PAYG Email sending Credits
  • Dedicated IPs
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Super fast support taking great care with accuracy of each of my inquiries and technical issues

857268 – Dahlan Baron

Service great as usual. I got the solution to my problem and also good info about the support system that I needed

266803 – Julian Webb

A wonderful response to my query very quick and efficient my problem nicely resolved.

853126 – Debbie Brooks

Once you complete the registration on the next page you will receive instant access to your new cPanel account using the domain you specify in the order process

When you click to confirm your choice of plan you will be asked to provide a domain name to host your account.

You can use any domain you own; you can purchase a new domain in the check-out process or if you choose any pre-paid plan, we include a premium domain 12 months registration  

 We provide all the popular domain name extensions, and all our domain names include SSL and a privacy policy, the domain renews in 12 months at our normal renewal cost

The system set up is automated and you can add or create new websites and set up your bulk email sending service either using your own email software or using our bespoke email/SMS advanced email/SMS Autoresponder

  • No fake discounts or massive hidden renewal costs
  • We GUARANTEE to lock in the price you pay today for the duration of your plan
  • No nasty surprises, just an outstanding service at the lowest possible prices
  • Find the same service cheaper and we will match the price and take an Extra 20% off!

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We provide a range of solutions to suit all budgets

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How long does the set-up take?

We have created an automated process and once you make payment for your chosen plan, your account is created immediately, and you will receive your order confirmation and login details by return email

If you have taken a plan including our own autoresponder, we will create the domain records, register the DMARC policy, create a test campaign and provide a full spam checker report and this normally delivered within 24 hours to allow for the records to propagate

Can I connect using my own email autoresponder?

Yes, providing your email software connects to 3rd party SMTP services you can simply plugin our credentials and send your campaigns instantly

Do I have to be technical to use the service?

No not at all, we provide a login to our host admin area, and you can access lots of help guides on all aspects of our hosting features, the system is set up automatically so once payment is made you receive your login details by return and you get started immediately

Do You provide a managed service?

No, we do not include a managed service, this means you are responsible for your websites, sending domain reputation and making sure your campaigns can spam compliant, so you avoid getting blacklisted, but we do provide 24/7 support to help with any issues

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we include a 14-day money back guarantee for any plan, if you are not happy with the plan or service simply open a support ticket and we will make a full refund of any payments received

Free Domain

If your plan includes a free domain name and SSL and you decide to cancel the host plan within 14 days, the cost of the domain and SSL will be deducted from the refund due

Do you provide support

We pride ourselves on our service levels and we will make sure your get prompt attention to solve any issues you may have

Why are your prices significantly lower than any other SMTP service?

We are a small team of email marketing and specialist hosting experts based in the UK but our development base is in the far east so we can pass on lower development costs than we would normally incur, in addition, we don’t have big promotional budgets and choose to grow our business mainly by word of mouth and existing customer referrals making our service unbeatable both in price and performance

Can  I upgrade to a bigger plan?

Yes. we recommend starting out on the most cost-effective plan to suit your requirements right now and once you grow and scale, we can provide an upgrade based on your new service levels, you don’t lose out on any payments previously made and all you pay is the difference in costs of the bigger plan

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We provide a range of solutions to suit all budgets