Bespoke Hosting Solutions for Professional email Marketers

Discover how we make a difference and provide a scalable solution based on your exact requirements without breaking the bank!

Choosing Your Ideal service

We provide a range of hosting plans to suit all budgets and levels of experience

We specialize in providing bespoke services for email marketers which include hosting, SMTP email delivery and email and SMS Autoresponder apps

Our hosting plans are designed to scale when you are ready to scale so even if you are just starting out, we have a plan to fit your budget

Advanced features included as standard on every plan

Once you have created a website and start to generate new subscribers, you can upgrade your current plan to include a guaranteed bulk email sending allowance which will save you a fortune compared to the traditional monthly email services you can find and get a better delivery rate

To get started check out each plan and the features below, once you are ready to make your purchase click the link to check out and your account is created and delivered automatically

Hosting, SMTP bulk email & Autoresponder software

Combine our premium Unlimited hosting with our powerful SMTP email delivery and you have the perfect combination for email marketers looking for a complete solution without breaking the bank

Host unlimited websites on super-fast servers and combine our SMPT email engine to deliver outstanding email results

We set up the service and provide a dedicated IP, we also include our email and SMS app, Inboxingpro X to provide a complete solution, you can send millions of emails and store up to 100,000 contacts, the app provides a comprehensive range of features including importing lists with no verification, single or double opt-in, automatic bounce processing and an easy-to-use drag and drop editor to create stylish email campaigns

SMTP bulk email Delivery 

We have built a powerful SMTP sending engine from the ground up which is not built on old fashioned open-source technology found in services like Postfix or Sendmail

As part of our email delivery engine, we have configured powerful MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents) to take the strain of your bulk email delivery

Unlike traditional services which can send a total of around 100,000 emails per hour, our bulk email SMTP engine can send millions per hour, and we can simply add more MTAs and IPs based on the sending volume of each customer

Shared Hosting 

The entry level hosting solution provides a choice of plans based on the number of websites you are likely to want to host.

Shared hosting is typically where many hundred if not thousands of people share a server to host their websites and files

The good thing is the cost and you can host websites for a few dollars per month, the bad thing is typically the shared server has only 1 IP and everyone shares this so invariably the IP will be constantly black listed 

Our plans are unique and are designed as an introduction to email marketing but with some key differences

We include a dedicated IP for our Ultimate plan and include a bulk email sending allowance for each plan so if you are starting out with no list, our shared plans are a perfect introduction

Business email

Many Marketers starting out make the mistake of using a free email account like Gmail or yahoo to contact their would-be customers and enquires, this is an instant red flag for 99.9% of buyers because if the seller can’t afford a business email there is not much chance of providing what ever service or product they are trying to sell

Using an email address that matches your domain name provides instant credibility and helps your customers remember you

Create different emails for different parts of your business and separate your personal email from your business email

Our professional business email hosting packages are quick and easy to set up and loaded with advanced features that make your business far more trustworthy and professional