Email Marketing using Inboxingpro AI Assistant

Getting Started 

When you login to the autoresponder app, you will see the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Click the bubble and the AI Assistant will open

The first time you access you will see the screen in step 1 below 

Select New Conversation and select the function you require which is email or subject line

Copy and paste a prompt, make sure you personalize where possible to ensure the best relevant results and click to send the message

Copy the result, make any edits as required and paste directly in the campaign editor

That's it, in seconds you can create high converting campaigns for any promotion

To get started, test some prompts to get a feel for the app, make sure you personalize where possible and add brand information, personal sender details, offer, discount etc and you will be amazed at the quality of the campaigns you can create

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Please Note:

When you first open the app, you will see the screen in image 1

The settings have been created to produce the best results so no need to make any changes to the default settings

Benefits of Using AI Assistant Prompts

Email marketing can be an effective way to nurture relationships with customers and drive results for businesses. However, it can be difficult to craft emails that consistently engage readers. AI Assistant prompts are an excellent solution, as they provide highly personalized email content that has been tailored to individuals’ interests and needs. The use of these prompts can lead to higher open rates, deliver more value in each email, and ultimately result in increased customer retention and sales.

Additionally, using AI Assistant prompts can save time since the personalized content is generated automatically, allowing our customers to retake control of their time while still providing targeted communications that generate desired results.

Tips for writing high converting subject lines

1. Sparking Curiosity

The Prompt: "Generate a subject line that piques curiosity for an email about a new product launch."

Sample Response: "Is This the Game-Changer You've Been Waiting For?"

Additional Info to Provide: Elements of the new product that are innovative or disruptive.

Use Cases: Encouraging recipients to open the email to learn more about a new product that could potentially interest them.

2. Offering Value

The Prompt: "Create a subject line for a promotional email that conveys a strong value proposition."

Sample Response: "Unlock 20% Savings on Your Next Purchase – Today Only!"

Additional Info to Provide: Details of the promotional offer, including any limitations or deadlines.

Use Cases: Motivating recipients to open the email with the promise of an exclusive offer or discount.

3. Personalization

The Prompt: "Suggest a personalized subject line for an email targeting customers who haven't engaged recently."

Sample Response: "We Miss You, [Name]! Here's a Special Gift Just for You."

Additional Info to Provide: Customer’s first name, last engagement, and the nature of the personalized offer.

Use Cases: Re-engaging lapsed customers with a personal touch that reminds them of their unique relationship with the brand.

4. Urgency and Scarcity

The Prompt: "Draft a subject line that creates a sense of urgency for a limited-time sale."

Sample Response: "Hurry! Only a Few Hours Left to Claim Your Deal."

Additional Info to Provide: The time frame of the sale and any standout sale items.

Use Cases: Driving action by emphasizing the limited time window to take advantage of a sale or offer.

5. Highlighting Benefits

The Prompt: "Construct a subject line that highlights the benefits of attending an upcoming webinar."

Sample Response: "Boost Your Skills: Master [Topic] with Our Free Expert Webinar."

Additional Info to Provide: The topic of the webinar, what attendees will learn, and the credentials of speakers or hosts.

Use Cases: Presenting clear benefits of the event to inspire recipients to register and attend.

6. Engaging with Questions

The Prompt: "Form a subject line that engages recipients with a thought-provoking question related to an article or blog post."

Sample Response: "Do You Know the Top 5 Trends Shaping [Industry] in 2022?"

Additional Info to Provide: Insight on the content of the article or blog post and its relevance to the recipients.

Use Cases: Encouraging recipients to seek the answer or more information by opening and reading the content.

7. Announcing New Features or Updates

The Prompt: "Devise a subject line for announcing new features or updates to [Product/Service]."

Sample Response: "Experience the New [Feature] That Will Transform How You Use [Product]!"

Additional Info to Provide: Key features or updates being announced, and how they improve on previous versions.

Use Cases: Informing existing customers or leads about the latest developments or improvements in the product/service.

 Incorporating these prompts into email marketing strategies can significantly improve open rates and overall engagement with your digital communications

Example prompts to generate high converting subject lines

Abandoned Cart

Please write 2 different subject lines for an email addressing cart abandonment.

Generate 2 subject lines for an email offering a limited-time discount to encourage customers to complete their purchase.

Compose 2 subject lines for an email reminding customer about the items left in their cart and the benefits of completing their order.

Email Marketing Prompts for Customer Testimonials

Please write 2 different subject lines for an email sharing customer success stories.

Create 2 subject lines for an email campaign showcasing positive product reviews from satisfied customers.

Craft 2 different subject lines for an email featuring a case study on how your product or service has positively impacted a customer.

Email Marketing Prompts for Seasonal Promotions

Please write 2 different subject lines for a summer sale email campaign.

Generate 2 subject lines for a winter clearance sale targeting last-minute holiday shoppers.

Compose 2 subject lines for an email campaign promoting a limited-time spring discount.

Email Marketing Prompts for Welcome Emails

Please write 2 different subject lines for a welcome email to new subscribers.

Create 2 subject lines for a welcome email offering new customers an exclusive discount on their first purchase.

Craft 2 different subject lines for an email introducing new subscribers to your company's mission and values.

Useful AI Assistant for Email Marketing Campaigns

Promotional Emails

“Write an email announcing a limited-time 20% discount on our premium subscription.”

“Draft a promotional email for our upcoming holiday sale, featuring top-selling products.”

“Create a BOGO email offer for our email subscribers, focusing on our best-selling items.”

“Compose a pre-order announcement for our new product, including a special bonus for early buyers.”

“Write an email to celebrate our company’s anniversary, offering exclusive deals for subscribers.”

Welcome Emails

“Write a warm welcome email for new subscribers, including a 10% discount on their first purchase.”

“Compose a welcome email highlighting the benefits and perks of joining our email list.”

“Draft a welcome email outlining the type of content subscribers expect to receive.”

“Create a welcome email for new customers, offering a special discount on their next order.”

“Write an email introducing new subscribers to our brand story and company values.”

Educational/Informative Emails

“Write an email sharing expert tips on how to use our software for maximum productivity.”

“Create an informative email explaining the benefits and features of our latest product update.”

“Compose a how-to email that guides users through a specific feature of our service.”

“Draft an email discussing the latest industry trends and their impact on our customers.”

“Write an email sharing tips and best practices for using our product more efficiently.”

Newsletter Emails

“Write a monthly newsletter summarizing the latest news and updates in our industry.”

“Compose a newsletter featuring curated content and resources on a specific topic.”

“Create an email newsletter with company updates, success stories, and upcoming events.”

“Draft a newsletter highlighting top articles and resources in our industry from the past month.”

“Write a newsletter sharing recent product updates, new features, and customer testimonials.”

Event/Webinar Emails

“Write an email invitation for an upcoming webinar on a hot industry topic.”

“Compose a registration reminder email for an exclusive online event featuring a guest expert.”

“Create a last-chance email encouraging subscribers to sign up for an upcoming workshop.”

“Draft a follow-up email thanking attendees for participating in a recent webinar, including a recap and resources.”

“Write an email sharing highlights and a replay link for subscribers who missed a live event.”

Re-engagement Emails

“Compose a re-engagement email offering a special discount to inactive subscribers.”

“Write an email to win back dormant subscribers, highlighting recent company updates.”

“Create an email reminding inactive users about the benefits of our product or service.”

“Draft an email encouraging subscribers to update their preferences to receive relevant content.”

“Write a personalized email inviting lapsed customers to reconnect with our brand.”

Customer Feedback Emails

“Write an email requesting product feedback from recent buyers, offering a small incentive.”

“Compose an email survey to collect customer opinions on our latest product release.”

“Create an email asking satisfied customers for testimonials to use in marketing materials.”

“Draft an email to customers who have recently interacted with customer support, asking for their feedback.”

“Write a follow-up email to customers after a purchase, requesting a product review.”

General Email campaigns

Write a cold email to introduce [product/service] to [prospect]

Write a follow-up email to [prospect] after [event/meeting/phone call]

Write a [number of words] email to [prospective contributor] to request a guest post contribution

Write a follow-up email to [prospective contributor] after [number of days] of no response to the initial request

Write a [number of words] email to [prospective partner/investor/affiliate/sponsor] to request [partnership/investment/affiliate partnership/sponsorship]

How to write a persuasive email to [prospective partner/investor/affiliate/sponsor] to [renew a partnership/follow up on an investment/affiliate partnership/sponsorship request]

Write a [number of words] email to [existing customer/prospect] regarding [product/service update/offer]

Write a [number of words] email to [existing customer/prospect] to [encourage repeat business/upsell product/service]

How to write a persuasive email to [prospective customer] to close a sale

Write an email to [customer] to gather feedback on [product/service]

Write an email to [existing vendor] to [thank them for their service/provide feedback]

Write an email to [prospective speaker/guest] to [invite them to an event/request an interview]

Write an email to [newsletter subscribers] to [provide updates/announce new product/service]

Write an email to [existing customer] to [offer a discount/send a coupon]

Write an email to [existing customer] to [request a referral/ask for a testimonial]

Write an email to [existing customer] to [thank them for their business/ask for a review]

Write an email to [prospective customer] to [explain the benefits of your product/service]

Write an email to [existing customer] to [offer a loyalty program/reward repeat business]

Write an email to [prospective customer] to [address a competitor’s claims/differentiate your product/service]

Write an email to [existing customer] to [upgrade their service/offer an upgrade package].

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