In this post we will look at ways a local beauty salon can effectively market their business and some methods that may not be good for the longer term

Marketing a beauty salon business effectively involves a combination of online and offline strategies to reach your target audience.

Here are some key approaches to consider when starting out:

Build an attractive and user-friendly website:

 Your website should showcase your salon's services, pricing, and contact information. Include high-quality images, client testimonials, and a simple booking system to make it easy for potential customers to learn about your salon and make appointments.

Search engine optimization (SEO): 

Optimize your website for search engines to increase your visibility in search results. Use relevant keywords, create informative content, and ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Local SEO is particularly important for targeting customers in your area.

Online directories and review platforms: 

List your salon on popular online directories and review platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, as these can greatly impact your salon's reputation and attract new clients.

Social media presence: 

Create profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase your salon, share images of your work, and engage with your audience. Use social media advertising to target specific demographics and promote your services or special offers.

Content marketing: 

Create valuable and informative content related to beauty, skincare, haircare, and trends. Publish blog articles, video tutorials, or infographics on your website or social media platforms to position your salon as an authority in the industry and attract potential customers.

Local partnerships and collaborations: 

Collaborate with other local businesses to cross-promote each other's services. For example, partner with a nearby clothing boutique or a wedding planner to offer joint promotions or referrals.

Community involvement:

 Participate in local events, sponsor local charities, or offer your salon as a venue for community gatherings. This involvement helps to build goodwill, establish your salon's presence in the community, and attract local customers.

Offline marketing materials:

 Design and distribute visually appealing flyers, brochures, or business cards that highlight your salon's services and contact information. Place them in local businesses, community centers, or other relevant locations where your target audience frequents.

Discount and Coupon Sites:

A lot of local businesses decide to use coupon and discouint sites like Groupon etc because it looks to present a quick win

No upfront costs can be attractive and many businesses rush in without considering the longer term implications


Increased visibility and exposure: 

Coupon sites often have a large user base and can help expose your salon to a broader audience. This increased visibility can attract new customers who may not have been aware of your salon otherwise.

Cost-effective marketing: 

Coupon sites typically offer deals at discounted rates, allowing you to promote your services without significant upfront costs. It can be a cost-effective way to attract new customers and fill appointment slots during slower periods.

Customer acquisition: 

Coupon sites can be effective for customer acquisition, as users are often actively seeking discounted offers. By offering a compelling deal on a coupon site, you can entice new customers to try your salon and potentially convert them into loyal, repeat customers.


Deep discounting: 

Coupon sites often require significant discounts on your services, which can be up to 40% and can impact your profit margins. It's crucial to carefully consider the financial implications and ensure that the discounted prices are still sustainable for your business.

Devaluation of services: 

Frequent coupon offers can devalue your salon's services in the eyes of customers. Some customers may only be interested in discounted prices and may not value the quality of the service or become loyal, repeat clients.

Lower-quality leads: 

While coupon sites can attract new customers, these customers may be primarily focused on the discounted price rather than developing a long-term relationship with your salon. Consequently, there may be a higher percentage of one-time visitors or customers who are less likely to return at full price.

Negative impact on brand perception: 

Over-reliance on coupon sites may give the impression that your salon constantly offers discounted services or is struggling to attract customers. This perception could potentially affect your salon's overall brand image and positioning in the market.

Limited control over customer experience: 

When customers come to your salon through coupon sites, they may have different expectations or may not be as invested in the experience. This can make it challenging to ensure a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

Fee or commission charges: 

Coupon sites typically charge fees or take a commission from each sale made through their platform. These costs can be a significant percentage of the profits and reduce the overall profitability of the coupon campaign.

It's important to carefully evaluate whether using coupon sites aligns with your salon's goals, target market, and long-term business strategy. Consider the potential benefits and disadvantages mentioned above, and weigh them against your specific circumstances and objectives.

A much better use of some of your profits is to create a rewards club for your salon

Loyalty and Rewards Club:

Most business owners make the mistake of placing the major focus and budget on finding new customers and assume existing customers will almost look after themselves and continue to use the business

Existing customers are the low hanging fruit!

Businesses are built on Customer loyalty

Customer retention is a challenging yet essential part of making sure a salon succeeds

Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% typically see profits increase ranging from 25% to 95% and there is no better way to engage and incentivise customers than using SMS 

We quickly discovered SMS TEXT MESSAGES to be the perfect platform for local businesses to use to contact their customers for the lowest cost

Whilst email will always be the most popular way to market a business

Text messages win hands down for local businesses like Beauty Salons

We all use text messages several times each day

The first thing we do when we hear the notification is open the message

98% of all text messages are opened within 3 minutes and you can contact your customers directly for a few cents per promotion

Using SMS text messages in marketing can be an effective way to reach out to your customers and provide exclusive deals and special promotions

Rewarding your most motivated clients is an effective way to earn more revenue from your existing customers without the need for expensive ads or promotions

If you want to see a system that is almost totally "done for you" and provides 2 way SMS chat bot automation, a branded rewards club and a complete library of promotional materials like poster,s social media banners etc click here to find out how you can double your net profits without investing any more money in ads or promotions


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