Copywriting Tools

The Hemingway App

If you sometimes get bogged down writing copy and wonder if you are getting too technical or just being long winded getting to the point simply plugin your copy and the app with tell you when you are using too many words or getting too technical

If you are talking about your own product or service, it’s easy to lose track and because you know what you are talking about you can make the mistake that your reader also knows all the terminology when they most likely don’t so a great tool to have in the locker

Simply copy your text and paste it in the app

Help and support


This is a great free community where you can find some really switched on folk who know the inside and out of all things email marketing

If you have any issue or need answers simply post your question and get an amazing service for free

Email HTML Preview

Litmus Puts Mail

Great tool to check out what your email will look like in different email clients, simply add up to 10 URLs and see a fully functioning preview of your email

Need to know what your email will look like in the inbox? Litmus PutsMail lets you enter your HTML, subject line and desired recipient addresses (up to 10) to see a fully functional preview of your campaigns.


Raven URL Builder for Google Analytics

Tracking can be very difficult to master and even more difficult to set up if you are not tech savvy

Whilst Google anyliics has slowly become more user friendly it is still vitally important to know exactly where the traffic and sales came from

Knowing the exact source of traffic helps you focus your marketing efforts on what’s working and helps you improve what’s not working too well

The URL Builder makes it super easy to tag the links you use in your email campaigns with custom variables to see how much traffic each is driving compared with other channels promoting the same links

Social sharing


Ryan solutions is actually a hotel marketing tool, but they have a fantastic link building tool for social sharing across multiple networks

We all know the importance of social sharing and this tool allows us to add a link in our emails to share the content with multiple sites with pre-populated text

You could send out a weekly or monthly newsletter to share or a round up of the last 2 weeks emails which is can get loads of additional clicks to your content and all for free with no additional work and if you make sure you use the raven URL builder you can see exactly where the extra traffic came from

I hope you take a minute to check these tools out in more detail, they will help you increase engagement and boost your conversions but remember the sigh of a professional email marketer is to test test and then test so good luck


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