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Quick Start Guide to Choosing the right service

We are hosting and email marketing specialists and offer a wide range of plans for marketers at all levels

You can see below a quick summary of each service we provide and you can find more information for each service using the links in the navigation above

cPanel Shared hosting

Sale prices from just $3.60 per month or $1.80 per month pre paid

Entry level hosting suitable for marketers getting started with hosting looking for the lowest costs

Key Points

Includes premium features as standard

1 click WordPress installs and cPanel access

Plans from 1 website to unlimited websites

You can get started with 1 website and add more as your business grows, all you do is pay for the additional capacity as you need it so you are never paying for resources you are not using and during this sale, you can get started from just $3.60 per month


Perfect choice if you are getting started and don’t need ecommerce type stores or lots of websites and traffic 

WordPress Hosting

Sale prices from just $6.03 per month or $4.02 per month pre paid

As the name suggests, this plan is designed for customers with WordPress websites or who are looking to create WordPress websites and want a premium service with added features compared to the cPanel service

 Key Points

Unlimited WordPress websites

Premium plugins as standard

Advanced security and multisite performance 

Plans from 1 website to unlimited websites

We include lots of premium plugins,  professional themes and 1 click installations so you can be up and running in minutes with your own professional website or blog and this is the plan to choose if you want the highest server specification at the lowest price


Perfect for customers with a WordPress website or someone who wants to create and manage WordPress websites from a premium cPanel control panel with advanced performance plugins included as standard for a couple of dollars more than the entry level cPanel plans

SMTP Relay Service

Sale prices from just $15.68 per month or $10.45 per month pre paid

This is an advanced type of hosting specifically created for sending bulk emails and does not include any traditional web hosting

Key Points

Specially Configured SMTP sending engine

Dedicated IP

Send up to 500,000 emails per month

Unlimited email accounts

Connect any email software in minutes

Email marketing is our business and we are passionate about making sure we are at the cutting edge using the latest technology so we can provide the very best inbox delivery

We have built a powerful SMTP sending engine from the ground up which is not built on old fashioned open-source technology found in services like Postfix or Sendmail

Our service is GDPR compliant, and we offer a range of plans based on the number of emails sent per month


Only buy this service if you are an experienced marketer with a current email list and autoresponder service set up

If you want to send emails using SMTP and want hosting and an autoresponder app, please check out the email marketing service below which is the plan we recommend

Email Marketing

Sale prices from just $19.30 per month or $12.86 per month pre paid

Flagship Service Includes Premium WordPress Hosting for unlimited websites, bullet proof SMTP to send unlimited emails with a dedicated IP and advanced email & SMS automations in 1 low-cost, high-performance service 

Key Points

SMTP features above

Unlimited WordPress hosting features

Advanced security and multisite performance 

Plans include SMTP sending up to 500,000 emails per month

Set up and connection of the autoresponder to the SMTP server included

This is the flagship service that provides the best of both worlds without breaking the bank


If you are looking for a one stop service that includes everything required to host unlimited websites on super fast servers and send bulk emails that gets outstanding results, this is the service to choose

You can build a trusted sender reputation sending bulk emails from a dedicated IP and see outstanding delivery in the inbox

Additional Capacity

We have recently upgraded our server infrastructure and we currently have a lot of spare capacity, so we are happy to reduce our costs to use some of this additional resource

If you are in the market for hosting or you want to move your current service, this is without doubt, the biggest sale discount we have ever offered but we must limit the numbers so the offer is strictly open for a maximum of 48 hours or until we sell out the additional resource we have allocated

The prices displayed below are our normal retail prices.

To confirm the discounted Price

Please click the Buy Now link of the plan you wish to order and the discount prices are displayed for our Monthly, 12 months and 24-month plans, all with 40% off

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Email & SMS Automations

Powerful Cross Channel Marketing using Email and 2 way SMS Text Messages with no 3rd party integrations required

The app and set up is is included with any Combined Plan, for any other plan, a set up fee of $30 is required and can be added in the checkout 

What Happens Next

We ask you to provide a domain name to host your account

  • You can register a new domain which is FREE for the first 12 months for any annual plan or you can add to any monthly plan
  • Transfer a domain you own which requires a registration payment
  • Use a domain you own and change the name servers for FREE.  

Once payment is received, we issue instant login access to our host admin area and cPanel so you can get started creating your perfect service 

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