How to Edit and Sell/Giveaway a Resale Product

In this 6-part training we take an existing resale product, edit the pages as required, create a PayPal payment link, create a mini sales funnel, upload to a website, delivery the product and collect the buyer's details using FREE software and tools

We provide links to all of the FREE tools and software we use in the training videos below and all you need is a basic hosting service to upload the new pages you will create

If you need hosting, you can check our hosting services in the navigation above

Free software and tools to download and Install

Filezila FTP software

Software to upload files and web pages to your host server

Click here to download


Software used to open zip files to access files and web pages etc

Click here to download

Coffee Cup html editing software

Editing software to change text, add new images, buttons and download links

Click here to download

Inboxingpro Autoresponder app

In video 6 we show how we create the automatic OTO process once the new subscriber opts into our list, using an autoresponder is required to make sure you can send automatic follow up emails and regular offers

If you don’t have our autoresponder or hosting, our email & SMS Hosting plans provide a complete solution and include our autoresponder, hosting, SMTP server and dedicated IP and you can get the details in the navigation above 

If you have hosting and only need the autoresponder, please check the email marketing service above

Video 1 

Setting up the FREE software required

Running Time: 3:14

Video 2

Downloading a product and making page edits using FREE html editing software

Running Time: 9:54

Video 3

Uploading the edited pages to a website using FTP

Running Time: 10:53

Video 4

Creating a PayPal payment link and setting up a redirect

Running Time: 6:53

Video 5

Adding live pages and zip files to sales and thank you pages

Running Time: 9:43

Video 6

Delivering the product and adding buyers to a list

Running Time: 9:40

Video 7

Takeaway from the training

On a final note, take your time and refer back to the videos if you get stuck

Everything you need is provided for FREE and you now have access to millions of PLR Assets so good luck in your promotions

David Henry