The only way to GUARANTEE emails are delivered to the Inbox in 2024 and beyond is to create a Trusted Sender Domain Reputation and adopt best practice procedures.

Finally, a "DFY" System Proven to get Outstanding Results provides everything a professional email marketer needs without breaking the bank

Outstanding Service with Costs so Low there is No Reason to Manage your own SMTP Server! 

Limited Time Sale - Save over 55%

12 2 Plans Only Available

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You missed out!

Fully Inclusive Cross Channel Marketing System

Combining the power of our Enterprise X autoresponder, bespoke SMTP sending engine and our totally unique specialist hosting exclusively for email marketers SET UP AND READY TO GO!

Feature Rich End to End Solution delivers Outstanding Results using SMS and email campaigns connected to our inbuilt SMTP servers, dedicated IPs and super-fast hosting

We know the more touch points you have with an enquiry the more engagement is generated and this presents more opportunity to convert a lead into a paying customer and it simply does not get any better than using email and SMS in a seamless integration

Great opportunity to get more emails delivered to the inbox using a dedicated IP with a guaranteed sending allowance of 100,000 emails each month

Flagship Service Includes Premium Hosting for unlimited websites, bullet proof SMTP to send unlimited emails with a dedicated IP and advanced email & SMS automations in 1 low-cost, high-performance service 

Complete end to end Solution at the lowest cost and includes...

Enterprise X platform

Powerful platform combines email and SMS text message marketing in 1 easy to use dashboard with no 3rd party integrations required

Cross channel marketing can increase conversions by up to 5 times compared to using email only and this app has been developed to harness the power with seamless integration

SMTP email sending service

The key to getting any success with digital marketing you have to get your messages delivered to the inbox not the spam box

We saw the issues our customers were having trying to send email campaigns from their existing shared server hosting and we have designed a totally unique service that combines the low cost of shared hosting with the guaranteed email delivery sending from a dedicated IP with specially configured bulk sending email servers which can deliver up to 4000 emails per hour

Super-Fast Hosting Included

Every email marketer needs hosting for sales pages., websites, lead generation pages etc and we have added super-fast hosting for unlimited websites with full cPanel access

We don’t compromise on the features of our hosting plans and we include full cPanel access, SSD drives, 1 click access to Cloudflare.

It’s a complete solution with costs locked in for the lifetime of your plan

Full Set up Service Included

  • Connect the app to the SMTP server
  • Create and validate the SPF & DKIM records
  • Create and validate the DMARC record
  • Connect the delivery, bounce and feedback loop servers
  • Create a test list and send a test campaign
  • Provide a full delivery report
  • Warm up plan activated

Emails get to the inbox when the Sender Reputation is high

The only way to GUARANTEE that you are building your own reputation is to use a dedicated IP to send your campaigns from a fully validated domain name

The Importance of a Dedicated IP

You can find other services that send bulk email using SMTP or Restful APIs using shared IPs and whilst this can work, you are never in control of your own sender reputation

  • With a dedicated IP, you have full control over your sending reputation. 
  • Your sending practices and reputation are not influenced by other senders sharing the same IP address. 
  • This control is especially crucial if you have strict deliverability requirements or send a large volume of emails.

We Know What Works

Email marketing is our business and we are passionate about making sure we are at the cutting edge using the latest technology so we can provide the very best inbox delivery

We have built a powerful SMTP sending engine from the ground up which is not built on old fashioned open-source technology found in services like Postfix or Sendmail

Our service is GDPR compliant, and we offer a range of services designed to get outstanding results for the lowest possible prices

We know providing a service that is plug and play simple and proven to work out of the box is critical because marketers want to focus on marketing not completing complicated SMTP server configurations and validating domain names

Once an order is confirmed, we provide instant access and connecting to any 3rd party email software takes minutes

Feature Highlights

  • We allocate a dedicated IP to every customer and we create an individual IP warm up plan based on the list size of each customer, if a customer doesn’t have a list the warm up process is activated from new subscribers automatically
  • Domain validation is critically important and the system automatically issues and verifies a DKIM, SPF and a DMARC record which is essential to build a trusted sender reputation
  • The combined plan includes premium hosting for unlimited websites and we provide instant access to your own cPanel 
  • Finally, we create a custom reverse DNS record which ensures the IP resolves to the sending domain not a generic host name which is essential to protect the IP from possible blocks and blacklisting

Advanced email & SMS Automations Included for FREE

We are passionate about email marketing and in addition to providing guaranteed bulk email sending services and website hosting on super-fast servers

As part of this special offer, we include access to our advanced email and SMS communication platform 

Unique Features - Outstanding Performance

  • Dedicated IP or IP blocks based on sending volume
  • Individual Virtual MTAs
  • UK & North America Data Centres
  • Connect your email software or use our advanced email & SMS Platform
  • IP warm up automation
  • Automated Bounce Handling
  • Additional PAYG Email sending Credits
  • Premium Support

Key SMTP Features 

Dedicated IP
Each customer is allocated with a dedicated IP which is essential to build a trusted sender reputation, rather than sending from a shared IP 
IP Warm up

Essential to slowly introduce the new IP to the ISPs like Google, we create an individual warm up plan based on the list size of each customer

Domain Validation

System automatically issues and verifies a DKIM, SPF and a DMARC record which is essential to build a trusted sender reputation

Custom Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS is critical to stop spam and is increasingly being used by major ISPs to help verify email senders being identified as trusted senders

Hosting Features included as standard

Premium WordPress Hosting

This is without doubt, the highest server specification and resource allowance of any shared hosting service and all features are included as standard on all WordPress and Combined plans

Check out each plan for the generous individual resource limits

How it works

Each customer is assigned a dedicated IP or a block of IPs based on the sending volume which is critical for better inbox placement and provides maximum control

We configure the MTA to have its own delivery policy including unique IP, unique hostname, and individual domain settings such as simultaneous connections, messages, and intervals

IP Warm up Automation

It is essential for any new IP to be slowly introduced to the major ISPs

We provide a bespoke warm up schedule in our software and this is included in our comprehensive set up service to ensure your IP is ready to go

The key to our MTA engine is the receiving gateway sees the delivering virtual MTA instance as the source of the message, therefore if the IP of the MTA is not blacklisted the message will reach its destination and pass the domain reputation validations made through a reverse DNS look up

Decided to go for the combined package because the cost is only a couple of pounds more than the SMTP Only plan

Set up was instant and I got access to my cPanel, connected the SMTP server to my autoresponder which took a couple of minutes and ready to go, the warm up plan that is also included was a big help and I am now getting really good delivery and open rates so very impressed

Taequan Gilmore

Wanted to post a review of the hosting service, I have the email marketing hosting and autoresponder and the delivery and performance is perfect

Before I changed to the hosting I was using the autoresponder and another SMTP server but the delivery is now much better so all in all a great job plus I am paying half of what I was before

Ben Dunk

I have been a customer for the last 18 months and want to thank you for providing a great service and support

 I am not that technical but always get help when needed and the knowledge base is great for finding help quickly and most things are covered.

Jacob Oram

Instant Access and Set up Service Included

Our specially configure SMTP servers and webhosting cPanel are ready to go and once payment is made you receive instant Access

If you wish to use your current email sending software, you will find the information to use  to connect the SMTP server to the email software in the welcome email and you can be set up in a few minutes

If you choose to use our software which is highly recommended, we complete the set up to connect your new SMTP server to the email app and create and validate the important domain records so you are ready to hit the ground running

We create a test campaign and provide a full spam checker report to show the service has a 10/10 result

As part of this process, we also create a bespoke warm up schedule based on your own list requirements and this ensures you are set up for success

Premium Support

We take customer service very seriously and our team is here to answer any questions 24/7 to help you get the best possible results

Advanced Features Included as Standard

Advanced Reporting

Auto adjusted throttling

Monitor email delivery 

Cold IP warm up Plans 

98% Inbox delivery

Custom Bounce processing

Are you ready to take your business to the next level for a fraction of the typical costs

We have created a special plan that combines everything required to get outstanding results at the lowest prices guaranteed

Our current Combined Starter plan costs $257 without the autoresponder app which is currently an additional cost of $97

Limited Time Sale - Save over 55%

12 2 Plans Only Available

Offer Closes When the plans are sold or the timer hits ZERO


You missed out!

Did you ever see so much genuine value for a proven service that is GUARANTEED to get results

You can pay $147 per year just for website hosting, and you are getting a complete system SET UP AND READY TO GO that includes

  • Advanced email & SMS Autoresponder app
  • Bespoke SMTP sending engine configured to send 100,000 emails per month
  • Premium WordPress hosting for Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Business email accounts
  • Complete Ready to go set up 

What Happens Next

After you click the buy now button, you will be directed to our registration page

Once you create your account, we issue login access to our host admin area and cPanel so you can get started adding your domains and creating your perfect website using our 1 click WordPress install

The autoresponder app is configured manually, and we connect the SMTP server and send a test campaign and this is completed within 24 hours to allow the new DNS records to fully propagate

We provide video tutorials and a comprehensive knowledge base to answer any questions you might have and you can be up and running with a live website within 5 minutes using our advanced features and automations

Responded very quickly to my concerns that I had and also probably went beyond his obligation in securing my domain name. Thank you very much.

282925 - henderson

A wonderful response to my query very quick and efficient my problem nicely resolved.

853126 – Debbie Brooks

The Support Team is outstanding! Very helpful and responsive providing excellent and courteous service. Thank you.

600058 – Richard

Service great as usual. I got the solution to my problem and also good info about the support system that I needed

266803 – Julian Webb

Super fast support taking great care with accuracy of each of my inquiries and technical issues

857268 – Dahlan Baron

You always look after me like I'm paying you thousands of dollars when I'm only a small fish in the sea. Thank you for your excellent customer service!

621869 – Robert Billings

Lowest Prices Online

We guarantee our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere for reliable bulk SMTP email delivery including a dedicated IP and that's before we have discounted the service by 55%!  Find the same service cheaper and we will give you 6 months for FREE!

We incur significant costs in the set up of a new account, but we are so confident you will love the service we give you a 14 day money back guarantee so the risk is all ours, if the service is not for you simply let us know and we will issue a full refund


Can I use my own email software?

Yes, the SMTP server is configured, and we validate the SPF, DKIM and DMARC records automatically, we provide the details required to connect to a 3rd party software in minutes.

Do I need to warm up the IP

Because we allocate new IP, we required a warm up plan to be activated prior to sending bulk email, this is to ensure we introduce the new IP to the major ISPs slowly so no red flags are raised and the IP blocked or blacklisted, if you use our own app, we include a warm up plan as part of our service, if you use a 3rd party software, we provide comprehensive guides in our admin area

What if I want to send more emails than the monthly allowance  

We provide a PAYG option to add more email sending credits to your account, if your business grows and you need more than the monthly allowance, you can either upgrade to a bigger plan or if it’s a one off requirement we provide PAYG credits for the additional emails sent

Do I have to pay any additional fees?

No, the cost today includes all future updates, upgrades and support for 12 Months access and the cost is fixed for each additional years access

What about future updates, are these included

Yes, we include all future updates and upgrades for the duration of your license

Can I use this service to send cold emails that have not provided permission?

No, if you send to recipients that have not provided permission, your IP will most likely get blocked and blacklisted, and the service may get suspended as with every other email sending service

Do you Guarantee email delivery?

No, email delivery depends on many factors, we set up your sending domain and validate the SPF, DKIM and DMARC records and allocate a dedicated IP, providing your list is permission based and you don’t send spam emails your emails will hit the inbox

What is the renewal cost after 12 months

Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest online, the current annual cost of this plan is $257 and the autoresponder costs an additional $97.    As part of this offer, we will lock in the renewal cost of this plan for $197 for the next 3 years providing even more savings

Do you provide a refund period?

Yes, all our services are provided with a 14-day money back guarantee offer, this is for the hosting service but does not include any new domain registration so if you choose to register a new domain to use to host the account and decide to cancel the service, the domain registration provides 12 months service and is non-refundable.