Thank you for your purchase

We confirm receipt of your payment for your purchase of our additional set up service

Just to confirm, our set up service includes

Connecting the delivery, bounce and feedback servers

Create and validate the SPF and DKIM records

Create and validate the DMARC records in cPanel

Complete a test list and campaign delivery

Provide a spam checker report

Please note:

We only create a test list and send a test campaign for customers using our autoresponder, for 3rd party autoresponder services, we provide an email address to add to your own test list and once the test campaign is sent, we provide the spam checker report

To get started please confirm the following information and send to our admin email


Full name

Email used to login to the members area and app

Domain name to use in the set up

Name to use as the from name in your campaigns

The from email will be delivery@yourdomainname which will also be used to create the bounce server  

Email to send the confirmation of the service set up

cPanel login details

cPanel domain name  



Once we receive the completed information above, we normally complete the connections and validate the records within 24 hours but this can take up to 48 hours depending on propagation

Once the set up is complete we will send a confirmation to the contact email listed here

If you need anything else, please let us know either by email or support desk and we will be happy to help