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Hi Its David Henry

Welcome to my review of Free Traffic Shotgun

Review and Bonus Offer

Free traffic is a subject of much debate and there is no argument that free traffic is much slower to generate and can take more effort to set up especially if you are using old, outdated methods

Kevin, the product creator,  wanted to create training that anyone can follow, and he started from scratch with a new domain, accounts and resources he has created for this training and this shows anyone can do this

It is a massive resource and something you can refer to for weeks and months to come.  It is delivered in professional video modules and it doesn’t really matter what level you are at

You will find some golden nuggets to take away, and if you are relatively new or need some missing pieces of the puzzle

This is an invaluable product AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW FOR LESS THAN $20!


This training provides far more than just free traffic methods and there is something for marketers of all levels

The core product focuses on creating free traffic methods that once created, can be left to run in the background to generate free leads (Subscribers) and Kevin is 1 of the best in the business to teach this because he does it day in day out in his own business

Here is the actual data of his case study during December, imagine getting free traffic like this every month

You get everything included with nothing left out and its painting by numbers easy to set things up

  • You see exactly how to create accounts with the networks he uses and how he monetises these accounts
  • How to create the actual offers he uses using done for you templates
  • How to prepare the content he uses (You also get the content to download)
  • How to set up tracking and split testing and where to post your free content to maximise the free traffic, convert into subscribers and make sales on autopilot from this free traffic and he provides 4 case study videos which show his results in real time

Additional training includes an in-depth 8 video module on how to create your own product using done for you resources that you get included and this alone is a product on its own worth 5 times the cost of the entire training today!

Even Kevin's BONUS is amazing  

You get 3 further modules covering detailed squeeze page and thank you page creation, how to 3 times your results which I found to be excellent, and the last video provides 15 ways to monetise your system

As I said, this is a massive resource but packed full of high-quality resources and actionable step by step videos


Excellent in-depth training with comprehensive, easy to follow step by step modules

You also get a massive download library of everything Kevin uses to create the free traffic methods and this content alone is worth hundreds of dollars

The methods are tried and tested and are not based on a loophole so once set up will work for the long term and the great thing is you don’t need to do anything else to see a flow of new leads being added to your business every day.

You can work at your own pace and choose the methods best suited to your level and build and scale as you go

If you are prepared to spend a couple of hours to get these methods set up and running you can’t fail to generate leads for weeks and months to come for FREE


The training is designed for marketers at all levels so a couple of the modules have more advanced methods that may not be applicable right now if you are new or just getting started

For example, module 5, part 4 shows a method to redirect customers logging in to a member’s area to access special offers but if you are starting out, you may not have a member’s area yet but this is all great training to apply later as you develop your business  

The other missing piece of the puzzle may be not having an email autoresponder set up yet to send follow up email messages to the new leads the system is generating

To be fair, this is a major part of maximising conversions and making sales, but I have you more than covered as you will see with my unique bonus below


It doesn’t matter what level you are on, you will find loads of golden nuggets in this massive training resource. 

I love this training because it provides simple step by step training that is proven to work for marketers at any level...

BUT it also INCLUDES FREE ACCESS to all the actual resources as you can see below,

Page templates, content, graphics, account access, login URLS etc so you have everything you need out of the gate and THIS IS WORTH HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ALONE 

Can you imagine how much this resource would cost as a standalone product and you get everything included today for free

This training will allow you to get the basics in place to make sure you are getting as many leads as possible for FREE! 

Once set up, the free traffic methods send the leads to your own funnel and you can set up the exact same squeeze page that Kevin has split tested over years to convert the lead to a subscriber

The next step is to make sales and Module 7 provides 8 detailed step by step videos that cover everything you need; you even get videos showing you how to use Warrior Plus and JVZOO to create products and offers so no stone left unturned

My Overall Opinion and Recommendation

I love this training, it provides marketers at all levels with real actionable step by step training that is not theory, Kevin does this stuff every day and you will see real proof inside the training that he generates over $40K per month doing this exact stuff so not too shabby!

A word of warning though, this is not push button click this mouse twice for untold riches, you will need to do the work to set up the traffic methods and create the funnel, its not difficult and does not take a lot of time and once completed it is truly set and forget lead generation

I can’t honestly think of anyone at any level that will not love this training and during this special launch pricing,  ITS A TRUE NO BRAINER TO GET THIS IN THE TOOLKIT

The only missing piece of the puzzle for anyone getting started is not having an email autoresponder and this is a key requirement to make all this work

There is no point generating leads and converting to subscribers if you don’t have any way to send them email messages and direct them automatically to new offers and my bonus fits this void perfectly



Inboxingpro START Autoresponder System

Our flagship email autoresponder has been used by thousands of marketers since our launch in 2017 and our current Pro Start license is designed for marketers getting started with email marketing and includes a wealth of resources with nothing left out to hit the ground running

The current cost of this license is $37 but if you pick up Free Traffic Shotgun through my link you will get totally FREE ACCESS to this system

The autoresponder is packed with advanced features included as standard as you can see below

In addition to the autoresponder app, we include a complete marketer’s tool kit genuinely worth hundreds of dollars and a perfect addition to use with the free traffic training

Here is just some of the resources included in the system

80 Lead Magnets

Each lead magnet includes a professional report of approx 25 pages and is supplied in PDF,  word and includes an ecover image

4 Premium products with built in funnels

Squeeze page, sales page offer, upsell with thank you pages, additional resources and video upsell offer included for each product

Funnel Builder Software

Windows based software creates funnels in minutes,  create a squeeze page and connect the Thank you Page for seamless automation

DFY Email follow up campaigns

210 comprehensive messages in 30 done for you campaigns, simply choose the product and copy and paste into the autoresponder

As I am sure you can see, this is an essential resource and provides the missing piece of the puzzle

You can hit the ground running using the email autoresponder to maximise your conversions and the additional marketing resources provide quality resources to help build your list and make more sales of your own products using the done for you resale products

Many of you reading this will already have our autoresponder...

Pick up the traffic training today and you have permission to gift the autoresponder app to a family member or friend and you can still utilise the marketing resources genuinely worth hundreds of dollars as I am sure you can appreciate

To get started click the link below and make the purchase for the traffic training

Once you have made the purchase send proof of purchase as a reply to our email and our team will create your free account, if you are gifting the app, please provide a full name and email to use to access the system


Kevin has provided 6 further offers in this funnel (None required for main training offer)

OTO1: 100K/ Year Made Simple - $27  

OTO2: Free Affiliate Funnels - $27

OTO2A: Free Affiliate Funnels Reseller - $97/$47

OTO3: Marketing Power Pack - $47

OTO3DS: Email Marketing On Fire - $27

OTO4: IM Checklist Trial - $3 Trial then $17.95/month


Pick up any upsell and we will upgrade your autoresponder license to our Enterprise edition that provides unlimited everything for up to 100,000 contacts,

Again, please reply with the proof of purchase and our team will set up your account and don’t worry, you will still also get the marketing pack resources

Quick Summary

Without doubt, this is a masterclass in creating free traffic strategies that work for the long run and flat out work

The training is very comprehensive and can be set up and ready to go in a couple of hours following along with the training

You get all the resources used in the training genuinely worth hundreds of dollars included so nothing extra to buy

Once set up, the systems you create work in the background to generate leads that are converted to subscribers and sales AND THE COMPLETE PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY ON OFFER FOR LESS THAN $20!


Will it build a list of thousands?

YES over time but this is not a 1 click wonder product, it will add between 5 and 50 new leads per day to your business?

Does it need a lot of work to set up?

 NO, it can take a couple of hours to complete everything you see in the training tutorials and once this is complete you do not need to touch it and it just works in the background passively

Will it make sales?

Depends on the offers you promote but providing you follow the recommendations in the training no reason why you wouldn’t make sales like everyone else

Is it difficult and complicated to set up?

 NO, not at all, in fact its so simple, the first time I went through the training I thought I must have missed something because it is step by step do this, do that etc so anyone can set this up and profit even if you are brand new to online marketing

Do I need to buy the OTOs to make this work

NO, you can see the upsells below, none are required or even related to this training

This is a solid training that gets you set up to generate free traffic

Everyone should have these basics set up because for the low cost during this launch, why wouldn't you want to generate quality free traffic for the long term adding anywhere up to 50 new leads each day doing nothing once you have set up the structure

Add in the value of my bonus and its a complete NO BRAINER!

Get this in the locker today and see your first subscribers added to your list before Monday, its that quick and simple to do

David Henry