New Mass Gmail Rejections to Start April 2024, Google Says...

Are you ready?

The only way to Guarantee emails are delivered to the inbox in 2024 and beyond is to create a trusted sender domain reputation and adopt best practice procedures.

Hi Everyone, Its David Henry

After a very successful launch in March 2024 which achieved insane conversions of 80% at the end of the launch and EPCs of $15!

We have created an evergreen offer,  proven to convert using the same funnel

The front-end value is off the chart and you can look forward to high conversions and EPCs

As a professional email marketer, you will know its getting harder to get your emails delivered to the inbox and this trend is industry wide and will only get worse

In 2024 and beyond, unless your bulk email marketing system is set up to work with, rather than against the major ISPs like Google you will never see the success you deserve

Brand new training provides a step by step Blueprint to...

Harness the power of a "TRUSTED SENDER DOMAIN" and get unmatched email delivery

Email Repair kit provides a step-by-step blueprint to become a trusted sender in the eyes of the major IPSs like Google and Yahoo and this is now the only way to GUARANTEE to get more emails delivered to the Inbox

The Front End Offer

This is not a training guide to show how to create and validate the domain records now required by Google although we do provide access to a free tool that completes this

The main focus of the training is how to create a complete email marketing system with a trusted sender domain reputation that is set up for success in 2024 and beyond

Unless a sending domain is classed as having a trusted sender reputation, everything else that you have been told is important (and it is) is secondary because your emails will not get past the spam filters that block 99.9% of all spam emails

The training is delivered in 10 modules with additional resource modules, and we provide a simple process that includes checking a current domain name reputation, steps required to rescue a poor domain and how to create important accounts to help monitor future reputations

We provide detailed information to create the perfect campaign and a trouble shooting module to walk through the process of checking for blacklists and how we remove domains quickly and easily that are blocked

This is without doubt, the most detailed training ever produced for email marketers to get better results in 2024 and beyond

So who am I and why can I help

My name is David Henry and I am the CEO of DHM Digital, based in the UK

We provide digital marketing services to small and medium sized businesses.  

We design and build email and SMS marketing platforms and provide specialist hosting services

Our first email autoresponder, Inboxingpro was launched back in 2017 and is still going from strength to strength

We added our SMS marketing portal using advanced 2-way chat bot technology in 2019 and our specialist hosting division for email marketers followed in 2020,  so I think its fair to say we know a little bit about email marketing!

We value your traffic

We value your hard-earned traffic and want to make sure you earn the maximum commissions for your efforts

No fluff or filler offers in the funnel that are not relevant to the front end offer because we all know this is why some launches bomb on EPCs even though they might sell thousands of copies which is not the best result for you

Highly Congruent Funnel

You can see details of each of our funnel offers below and look forward to insane EPCs and very happy customers

Amazing Products, proven to convert with great track record and customer feedback

Email Repair Kit

$12.95 – 75% Commission

In this training we focus on creating a structure that passes the filters and new requirements of the major ISPs in 2024 and beyond

Packed with the latest methods that are working right now, this is an invaluable resource for marketers at all levels.

OTO1 Inboxingpro Enterprise Autoresponder

$27 – 50% Commission

Advanced email autoresponder launched in 2017 and still growing strong with thousands of customers getting great results.

Store up to 100,000 subscribers with unlimited features and outstanding performance, connect to our servers or to any 3rd party service.

OTO2 Inboxingpro Enterprise X 

$37 – 50% Commission

Our flagship autoresponder app, Enterprise X  provides cross channel marketing at its best

Seamless Integration, combines our email autoresponder with the SMS platform and adds contacts from the chat bot to the email list and to a phone book from our email lead forms.


OTO 3 12 Months Elite Hosting

$197 – 30% Commission

Outstanding opportunity to use our bullet proof SMTP sending engine to send 100,000 emails per month with outstanding delivery.

Service includes a dedicated IP and premium website hosting with advanced cPanel features for unlimited websites

OTO 4 12 Months Plus Hosting

$127 - 30% Commission

Exactly the same server specification as the Elite service above with a reduced SMTP sending allowance.

Great introduction to email marketing and provides a complete system ready to go to build a trusted sender reputation.

OTO 5 Inboxingpro Start

$17 – 50% Commission

Amazing value and resources, this offer includes the same autoresponder specifications as the Enterprise app but with 2000 subscribers.

Perfect for beginners and includes a complete marketing pack, with done for you follow up campaigns, lead magnets and products to resell.

OTO 4 12 Months Essential Hosting

$37 - 30% Commission

The final host offer is designed for your customers that are not yet set up to send bulk email or they are using a monthly service like aWeber.  

Host unlimited websites on super-fast servers with advanced features included as standard.

This is an outstanding opportunity to make some easy commissions and help your subscribers get more success with email marketing.

All that’s left is to request your link and mark down the date.

If you need anything let me know

Get in Touch:

Email: david@inboxingprohost.com

Skype: david.henry1733

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