Professional Email hosting lets you Instantly show your customers you mean business

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Business Webmail Hosting

Using an email address that matches your domain name provides instant credibility and helps your customers remember you

Create different emails for different parts of your business and separate your personal email from your business email

Our professional business email hosting packages are quick and easy to set up and loaded with advanced features that make your business appear far more trustworthy and professional

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Why Choose our email hosting

  • Advanced Features included as standard
  • No fake discounts or misleading offers!
  • The lowest costs for an outstanding service with unrivalled features
  • Renews annually at the same cost 
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Mobile Access

Business Email with IMAP lets you connect your default app on iPhone, Android or Windows. Get the maximum flexibility to answer and manage your email while you're on the move.

No adverts, more privacy

With our email hosting your emails are yours and yours alone. There are no distracting adverts in your mailbox and no worries about the information you may unwittingly be sharing with advertisers.

Use your email client of choice

With your Business Email Hosting, you can use any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express / Mozilla / Eudora / Entourage 2004 / Windows Mail, etc and set up in minutes

Safe and strong 2FA

Protect your webmail behind airtight 2FA – U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) and TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) Boost your account privacy. Set separate security passwords for applications and protect your main passwords 

Service that is scalable

Start with the service best suited to your needs, you can add mail boxes and additional storage to your current plan and you can easily upgrade your service in minutes

Increase your impact

Create an HTML signature in every size, color, style, and shape imaginable. Add your social media links, a bespoke logo, a handwritten signature and free alias addresses 

Business Edition Features included as Standard

5 - 20 GB Storage

Get Additional Storage

360 Synchronisation

Private Labelled


Anti-Virus Protection

Branded SSL

99.9% Uptime


Mobile Access


24/7 Support

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What are the benefits of Purchasing Business email?

Give your business a more professional look with business email by branding your regular email ID with your domain name (Example:

Add to this you also get the benefit of our latest email hosting servers that give you the best uptime, email latency and maximum reliability

What are the supported email clients and protocols?

With our business email service, you can use desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, Windows email etc and we include a full set up guide to connect any 3rd party service within minutes

How do I use my webmail interface?

You can use the white label URL https: to access your webmail accounts from any country for instant access logging in using your username and password

What devices can I access webmail from

You can access your business email from a desktop PC, Smartphone, or tablet.  Our webmail is built using HMLL 5 and JavaScript and is compatible with all major operating systems including IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and more

What is the storage space provided?

Each business email account has a minimum of 5GB up to 20GB space based on the plan selected

Do I need to use any port for business email hosting?

We allocate Port 25 for outgoing business email

Is creating a mailing list supported with business email

Yes, you can create mailing lists, add users, delete users, select a moderator, restrict people from joining a mailing list and even ban a user from a mailing list

Is the use of an autoresponder allowed?

Yes, an autoresponder is a program set up for your email addresses and sends out an automatic email when an email is received

What is the spam policy for business email?

We have a zero tolerance for spam, and you can’t send unsolicited/bulk emails and spam

Safe lists, Purchased lists or selling of lists will be treated as spam and we may terminate accounts without notice for any issues related to spam

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