Send emails like the PROS

Email Marketing has changed and unless you are set up for success you will struggle to get emails delivered to the Inbox

Providing email Marketers with a step by step blueprint to get emails delivered to the inbox not the spam box

This boot camp is delivered in daily emails with actionable step by step information.

Simply enter your name and the best email and you can get started immediately FOR FREE

In this 5-day crash course you will learn...

  • Using FREE tools to check your email for Spam BEFORE you send it!
  • How to get more emails delivered to the Gmail Inbox
  • Become a trusted sender in the eyes of Google.
  • 5 Point Checklist to Guarantee your emails reach the inbox not the spam box
  • Blacklists explained and what to do if you are on 1!
  • How to create and verify the critical DMARC record using a free tool

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is the number 1 method to generate sales Online.

With an email list, you are never short of traffic and you don’t have to rely on SEO or Facebook to generate your income.

Email marketing is certainly good for business, keep in touch with your customers, connect with your subscribers and provide outstanding value.

58% of internet users check their email first thing in the morning and almost 9 out of 10 check it at least once per day and the return on every dollar spent on email marketing returns a massive 4000% ROI.

Is this training for you?

If you have been looking to get started with email marketing but you are tired of the same old outdated rehashed rubbish this 5-day boot camp is for you

You will learn how to set up to become a trusted sender in the eyes of the major ISPs like Google and Yahoo, emails are delivered based on the reputation of your domain and this training walks through the essential steps required so you can hit the ground running.

With this training you can send emails from your existing host SMTP for free and save a fortune on monthly autoresponder costs and this is essential training to understand the concept of getting more emails delivered to the inbox

This boot camp is delivered in daily emails with additional resources provided, this is paid training but for a limited time you can get totally FREE Access.

Simply enter your name and the best email and you can get started immediately.

About Us

DHM Digital is a digital marketing communications company based in the UK.

We provide specialist email and SMS text message platforms primarily for small businesses and marketers to use to provide professional services to local businesses

We launched our flagship email autoresponder app, Inboxingpro back in 2017 and we have thousands of customers getting great results

We added our bespoke SMS text message marketing platform in 2019 and launched our flagship Enterprise X platform that seamlessly combines SMS and email in 1 easy to use dashboard

Our hosting division provides a totally unique concept in hosting which is designed exclusively for email marketers.

Quality Support is critical especially for marketers providing client services so rest assured, our experienced team are here to help at all times

We operate differently

We provide out of the box solutions that can be set up and working within hours

We also work with you to plan and design a bespoke solution based on your exact requirements

Although based in the UK, our service is worldwide with specialist onboarding training available from our US and Far East based consultants

Comprehensive range of done for you products and services

We design and build marketing platforms specifically for small to medium sized business based on individual budgets and requirements and we provide super-fast hosting for a comprehensive solution


Next Generation Cloud Based autoresponder is the First autoresponder to send emails that Automatically Pass the Google test and achieve a Trusted Sender Reputation!

We have developed a complete email marketing solution that provides the most comprehensive range of features found in any other cloud-based autoresponder with no monthly fees

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Fully featured platform with no 3rd party integrations required

Totally unique features not found in 1 single app include automated chat bots that convert cold leads to sales, bookings and orders on autopilot.  Send bulk messages to 1000s or use the quick send feature to send 2-way messages and make replies in real time using our live chat feature

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Email & SMS 

Cloud based marketing platform combines email and SMS text message marketing to massively boost engagement, conversions and sales

Combine the features of our email platform with the SMS platform to boost results by up to 5 times

Collect email and SMS leads using our opt-in templates to automatically add to lists.

The platform includes a client portal to provide professional services

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Host websites on super-fast SSD drives and send up to 300,000 emails per month using a dedicated IP per account

Emails get to the inbox when the sending domain reputation is high, and our unique service ensures you can build a trusted sender reputation very quickly

All accounts include a full cPanel access with unlimited email accounts, Cloudflare access and hosting for up to 5 websites

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