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Please click the link below to configure your service, you will need to confirm the following details and once payment is received, we provide instant access to your services 

Step 1

Account Domain Name

You will be asked to provide a domain name to use to host your service, you can use a domain name you own, or you can register a new domain, if you choose to register a new domain, we include it for free for 12 months if you select our annual pre-paid billing

Step 2


We include a free SSL for all domains purchased and we also provide an option to upgrade your SSL

Additional IP

If you send more than 400,000 emails per month, we recommend an additional IP to help with managing ISPs spam filters, you can add this to your order

Step 3

Promotional offers

If you have a coupon code or promotional offer, please enter the code, and click to validate, if the offer is valid the total cost to pay today is reduced by the amount of the coupon

If the total cost today is less than the coupon code, we will apply the balance to your next payment