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Configure Your Plan

We need a couple of details to configure your service and and once payment is received, we provide instant access to your account. 

Account Domain Name

You will be asked to provide a domain name to use to host your service

 Use a domain name you own, or you can register a new domain, if you choose to register a new domain, we include it for free for 12 months if you select any annual pre-paid billing, if you choose to pay monthly, the domain registration fee is added to the total cost 

Choose your Currency

We offer a choice of paying your hosting fees in USD or GBP, please select your currency of choice and click to continue 

Choose Billing Cycle

Select your Billing Cycle, add any upgrades required and click Continue to proceed to the check-out screen

Once payment is made, your login details are provided instantly in our welcome email


We include a free SSL for all domains purchased and we also provide an option to upgrade your SSL, if you wish to upgrade, please select the SSL and the cost is added to the total cost

Additional IP

If you send more than 400,000 emails per month, we recommend an additional IP to help with managing ISPs spam filters, you can add this to your order and we configure your server to automatically rotate IPs every 15 minutes